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A lover’s complaint

These streets I walk, they call your name. 
Where my excursions have not been the same. 
These tress and the birds sing your song.
When it rains, they’d want us to come along.

These evening breezes whisper me by the ear,
About how they loved seeing us in pair.
These lonely moments begging for your presence to be felt.
But your frozen heart has yet to melt.

These eyes of mine dying to see your light.
These hands wanting to hold you tight.
These immense crowds fail to connect my call.
So I die every night, thinking of you, wanting to share it all.

It is when I can’t endure this pain.
I write it down simple and plain. 

A page I keep up every now and then,
What I call it, a lover’s complaint.


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This sadness within me

Its time to erase you and move on,
This waiting in vain, it has been so long.
But my will to carry on has long gone.
I get sick of everybody questioning whats wrong.

Just so you know, this was not what I wanted.
There simply wasn’t enough to breathe from what you granted.
Your silence and actions leave me deeply disenchanted.
I only wish for words to describe how it felt waiting for a shot at redemption which was never handed.

Despite everything they shall never know our story and our name.
You will be remembered for this beautiful game.
I will erase every bit of you that lives within me and you should know.
Thanks for having me, you put an excellent show.

I may never forget but I will always forgive
For this reason this sadness within me shall always live.

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Promises Kept

                                                                        Cover Image Credit: One HD Wallpaper
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It is when you come to my sight,
A mix of feelings inside me collide.
So, I try moving myself left when it takes right.
This is exactly how I run and hide.

It ruptures me open, but I embrace myself avoiding the bad.
I often find myself venturing into the past we had. 
A story of this lady and this lad,
Subtle change of emotions on his face, enough to make her worried and sad.

Its crazy how one moment feels like my rebirth.
Another, I crumble down, down to earth. 
A cease on the span of my comfort.
Such an unwanted mix of events, like white collecting dirt.

A wish to move on but not today.
Every little details about you is what makes me stay.
No hope or any of it left.
But my words given to you must be kept.


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I have never accepted happiness as a friend.

Yet sadness never has an end.

I want it to be so different around here.

Time changes my memories over a long year.

Of times that were and times that have been.

They left me longing for a time of happiness times ten,

Or what it was that made me happy.

While movies give reminders of those so sappy.

What is it we are really wanting?

And why is it always so haunting?

With every fiber of my being, 

I just want to see what is worth seeing.

Please believe when I say

that I know it will not always be this way.

But when I don’t do, I want more.

 and when I do it, I am left with what for.

Time slowly passes as I patiently wait

But how long will it be until I meet fate?

All I can do is hope that the day will come

When life is equal to my equations sum.

And the walls that I have built

come crashing down from their infinite tilt.

Where there is a time I can truly believe

in the trust that was so charmingly achieved.

When there is a time I can be just me

And truly be factually happy.

Only time will tell 

In a life of broken hell.

And as I look up at the frozen sky

My heart is reminded to never be shy

To love what I can and never regret

And to never been in life’s debt.

Life is not all about the numbers

But about words said even when in slumbers.

Picture compliments from Verena Seufert’s Take on a New Study