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Am proud of you my loved one…

I am proud of you my loved one,
can’t fail your name to mention,
your care to me is like of a mother,
to her lovely firstborn daughter,
Checking on her regularly,
To find out what disturbs her.

I am proud of you my loved one,
you brought smiles on my face day one,
And my agonies vanished like morning dew,
And you opened a new page of life for us,
And I forgot the tears of pain,
for the love that you gave me.

I am proud of you my loved one,
Am not ashamed to walk with You in town,
you are beautiful in body and character,
wise in Thinking and deciding,
your wisdom is more than of a serpent,

Am proud of you my loved one,
let’s walk out in the sun,
And in sweet waters of the coast,
And remember our troubles no more,
better are days to come than gone,
The future is brighter my love,
Am proud of you my love.

Burnt Almond Sky by mark tulin

Originally posted in Crow On The Wire.

It’s been a week now. Still surrounded by wildfires in Santa Barbara. The sky keeps changing colors. The sun,when visible, is an ominous red-orange. The mask that I wear still wraps tightly around my face. Smoke and ash are everywhere.

As the California wildfires keep burning, so do my poems.

Have You Ever?


QUESTIONS, questions…if we try to understand existence and its origin, we will only get more questions than answers to it. However, I read a quote that said: “There is no stupid question because stupid people don’t ask questions.” Hence, regardless, if we find the piece that will complete the puzzle or not, we must ask – inquire to see if it will get us anywhere. Otherwise, according to a Chinese proverb: He who asks questions remains a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask remains a fool forever.”

If you are fond of asking questions, then you might want to visit my website https://harpingbyapixiecom.wordpress.com/. I do not have answers for you. But I have lotsa questions which you might have an answer. Who knows?

Thanks again for reading. Light and love. Be happy.

The Devil’s Dance by mark tulin

Originally posted in Crow On The Wire.

The California wildfires are ripping through the Southern California coast as we speak burning homes and displacing families.



Wishes are prayers – because when we wish, we express the desire kept in the innermost part of our hearts. It is, I believe, more sincere and deeper invocation than any of those taught to us to repeat as children.

Young and old, male or female, regardless of color and creed…all of us have wishes. That makes it a universal form of prayer.

By the way, I try as much as I can, whenever time permits me, to return your “likes” and to comment on your blogs. If I am not showing up, the trouble is because I could not find you in the search like Kaz (your link is non-existing) and Yogesh Khajandar. Apology for that but if you can drop me here your link I would be happy to check it out.

In the meantime, if you want to veer away from poetry, do visit my site at https://harpingbyapixiecom.wordpress.com/.

As always, light and love. Be happy. Life is short. There is no other way to live it. Ciao!


New as dew…

By Kae Bucher


i stare at the Sun as she  takes her first few breaths… and curls those dimpled fingers of hers 

 around Dawn’s hand 


 i peek over pink lace and embroidered clouds
…the old round faced moon catches my eye before she leaves the corridor…and nods to me

everything is as it should be


blooming as new as dew

there is a hushabye song, a knowing smile

as she disappears around the corner