Blistering summer days, when the sun gives his widest grin.

When sweat is dripping down your back and chin.

The wind is a sweet, charming lady, who rushes to soothe,

she blows gentle, soft, caressing and smooth.


 What a relief, what a wonderful balm,

the wind aims to please, she tries to calm.

the itching, burning sweaty eyes and bodies

She tries to transport you to an air conditioned lobby.


On other days, when the rain god is out,

Showering us and laughing with his thunderous shouts.

The wind is his ally, his friend in arms.

she blows mischievous, adds an element to the storms.


A small prank here, a practical joke there,

She likes to bluster, she likes to scare.

She is just playing with you, she means no harm.

With her friend, the rain god arm in arm.


In the icy peaks of the handsome mountains,

Where the snow and ice are all-surrounding.

The wind, sometimes, is the frigid, cold woman,

Biting at you, stinging your skin, making your limbs wooden.


She will want to take small bites of your skin,

Will try her best to wriggle her way in.

It is better to be completely covered and protected,

Snow suit, goggles, thermals will make you feel less tormented.


Oh ! But then if you want to see her in all her glory,

when she is in her peaks of anger and fury.

Hurricanes, gales, tornadoes and cyclones.

She is a very angry woman, out to break your bones.


She is like a wronged woman, out for revenge,

very difficult to understand or comprehend.

Spewing destruction and chaos everywhere,

causing pain, loss, devastation and despair.


Just as a lady had many faces and moods,

the wind plays sometimes, other times she broods.

She throws a tantrum yet other times,

Is gentle and calm now and then, acts just fine.


Though to give her the credit that is due,

Just before she roars, shouts or coos,

She does give you warnings, all the indications,

It is up to you to take suitable precautions and protection.


About the Author:

malini guest poet
Hi ! This is Malini – a technology professional with almost two decades of experience, currently on a long sabbatical, trying to fill in the spare time with some of this and a little of that. I love to read, am a fanatic about cleanliness (to the point of being tagged OCD) and interested in trying out variations in the kitchen.
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Beauty Of A Summer’s Day – Poem by Joseph T. Renaldi

Beauty Of A Summer’s Day

The beauty of a Summer’s day begins
Watching the bright, morning sun rise, 
Dew upon the lawn and roses, 
And the early flight of colorful butterflies.

The beauty of a Summer’s day
Is an attractive and picturesque one, 
A sky of a variable color of pale to light blue, 
And sport and entertainment for everyone.

The beauty of a Summer’s day
Is stetched with green foliage on the hill, 
And colorful wildflowers bordering the roadway, 
The water wheel turning at the grist mill.

The beauty of a Summer’s day increases
Watching the rolling waves of the ocean, 
Sea shells washing upon the sandy shore, 
And gazing at the sea gulls gliding in slow motion.

The finality of a Summer’s day
Is depicted with memorable scenes
Of picnicking, camping, swimming, and traveling, 
Reserved for Summer enthusiasts for future dreams.

by:Joseph T. Renaldi

The World Is A Beautiful Place – Poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The World Is A Beautiful Place

The world is a beautiful place
to be born into
if you don’t mind happiness
not always being
so very much fun
if you don’t mind a touch of hell
now and then
just when everything is fine
because even in heaven
they don’t sing
all the time

The world is a beautiful place
to be born into
if you don’t mind some people dying
all the time
or maybe only starving
some of the time
which isn’t half bad
if it isn’t you

Oh the world is a beautiful place
to be born into
if you don’t much mind
a few dead minds
in the higher places
or a bomb or two
now and then
in your upturned faces
or such other improprieties
as our Name Brand society
is prey to
with its men of distinction
and its men of extinction
and its priests
and other patrolmen

and its various segregations
and congressional investigations
and other constipations
that our fool flesh
is heir to

Yes the world is the best place of all
for a lot of such things as
making the fun scene
and making the love scene
and making the sad scene
and singing low songs and having inspirations
and walking around
looking at everything
and smelling flowers
and goosing statues
and even thinking
and kissing people and
making babies and wearing pants
and waving hats and
and going swimming in rivers
on picnics
in the middle of the summer
and just generally
‘living it up’
but then right in the middle of it
comes the smiling

by:Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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