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A lover’s complaint

These streets I walk, they call your name. 
Where my excursions have not been the same. 
These tress and the birds sing your song.
When it rains, they’d want us to come along.

These evening breezes whisper me by the ear,
About how they loved seeing us in pair.
These lonely moments begging for your presence to be felt.
But your frozen heart has yet to melt.

These eyes of mine dying to see your light.
These hands wanting to hold you tight.
These immense crowds fail to connect my call.
So I die every night, thinking of you, wanting to share it all.

It is when I can’t endure this pain.
I write it down simple and plain. 

A page I keep up every now and then,
What I call it, a lover’s complaint.


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Poem “Urgent Note for My Son Langston…” by Theresa Williams

This is an emotional poem that reflects on life and loss.  It is inspirational poetry because it uplifts and encourages even in the midst of tragedy.  The poem shares about motherhood, grief, love, and suffering.  “Urgent Note for My Son Langston…to be pinned to his collar upon age eleven” by Theresa Williams

Urgent Note for My Son Langston

to be pinned to his collar upon age eleven

This is Langston.
He likes mutant turtles and the ghost grey
power ranger please
do not
shoot him he
is your new friend he
will jump in your arms
and ask
to be swung
in circles not
in noose spin

please he
is scared of very loud
noises and he would not
respond to a shot he
might just fall in dirt
infra-red and not move at

all like when we play ninjas and he is the blackest
because he say that’s the baddest

and I say no but
he say yes so
I’m the blackest

so how to make easy
topic better get meta
and none of this race shit really matters so
low I talk hawking but he waffles
and I don’t give a
fuck bout machines
stretched in time
I just need Langston man boy
demon home
in time please don’t

kill him he likes pancakes not waffles
like on Sundays when he asks for extra syrup
I pour on so much syrup
yes please
don’t fire we hymn strange hold
hands I put him on hips even
altars big
ger black
er and scary

arms scare
crow my neck brow clammy
while he mouths the words mom and god
round his tongue, spun like a fat marble.

And I know this note is a little long, but I just thought you should know that
this is Langston
and I love him he absorbs all the light
and so can you I mean yes
he’s not an angel stole once you learned his
lesson well he

is or might be volatile please
return home safe so I can see the blue white
light from top peaks of his covers pulled tight
round his door bends blackbodies soft
sweet pulse a blue night


Poem “Urgent Note for My Son Langston…” by Theresa Williams



This sadness within me

Its time to erase you and move on,
This waiting in vain, it has been so long.
But my will to carry on has long gone.
I get sick of everybody questioning whats wrong.

Just so you know, this was not what I wanted.
There simply wasn’t enough to breathe from what you granted.
Your silence and actions leave me deeply disenchanted.
I only wish for words to describe how it felt waiting for a shot at redemption which was never handed.

Despite everything they shall never know our story and our name.
You will be remembered for this beautiful game.
I will erase every bit of you that lives within me and you should know.
Thanks for having me, you put an excellent show.

I may never forget but I will always forgive
For this reason this sadness within me shall always live.

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Hairy Marilyn by Mark Tulin

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Hairy Marilyn, Miss Monroe

you can’t hide from me

with your fake beard

and those Buddy Holly glasses.

I know that blown cocktail dress

flying above your waist

over the subway grate.

I know that panty shot

for the whole world to see.

Even if you’re a cardboard cutout

in a Rocket Fizz candy shop

my jaw still drops,

I ogle at you anyway.

Planet Rogue


Image credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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I still see you in my darkest night.
Shining there, you look so bright.
A reluctant glimpse, on where I used to stare.
Call me a fugitive of this beautiful glare.

Morning tides, they are here​ to wash you away.
Distant skyline, welcomes your stay.
A sudden feeling of cold into my heart
This being the time where we part.

Residing somewhere in this vast space.
Within me lies my desolate emptiness.
With my broken self I often think of who we are.
I could be your farthest planet, you could be my closest star.

Within cosmic dust, I shall be found.
Always longing to fall for your ground..
Hundreds of thousand years of grace,
I shall finally arrive at my place.


Lonely Night

The clock is ticking
Hours are passing
The sleep has gone
I am alone.

I dream with open eyes
Crave for oozy sighs
So close we were, until
Your touch turned chill.

You are still awake
Maybe with someone else
Who knows not
What is your thought.

But I still believe,
There’s someplace
In your heart where
Resides two souls together-
You, Me – the Us.


© Fahmida Begum

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Nasal Strips by Mark Tulin

The buzz of the fan,
the hum of the air-cleaner
plays in the night
as the two of us sleep,
each with a nose strip
stuck to the bridge
opening up nostrils,
enabling the air flow
to pass through our bristly sinuses.
But the snoring
never stops, it aggravates:
snorting, gasping, gurgling
like two warthogs
being raucous
in the moonlight.