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This sadness within me

Its time to erase you and move on,
This waiting in vain, it has been so long.
But my will to carry on has long gone.
I get sick of everybody questioning whats wrong.

Just so you know, this was not what I wanted.
There simply wasn’t enough to breathe from what you granted.
Your silence and actions leave me deeply disenchanted.
I only wish for words to describe how it felt waiting for a shot at redemption which was never handed.

Despite everything they shall never know our story and our name.
You will be remembered for this beautiful game.
I will erase every bit of you that lives within me and you should know.
Thanks for having me, you put an excellent show.

I may never forget but I will always forgive
For this reason this sadness within me shall always live.

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You, sanctuary of withering roses
Cathedral of injustice
You, ballad drenched in misery
Try to put on your smile

You, after scent of campfire
Cloud of billowing smoke, ignite
You, smoldering volcano
Nervous fireworks, breathe

You, mosaic of self-inflicted wounds
Playground of dancing ghosts
You, gripped by grief
Skirmish till you’re barely alive

You, sinking ship
Neglected thought, dying or dead
You, forgotten fossils
Death can’t kill you

You, whoever you are
You, everything you didn’t want to be
You, you’re doing just fine
You, it all will be alright

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Gimme Lemons

Okay, so I am a weird kind of pixie — pardon that. A month ago, I posted a reading of Pablo Neruda’s poem, “IF YOU FORGET ME”. It garnered 41 “likes”. Of course, I do not know if all the 41 really listened to it. Lol! Anyways, there was this one guy who thought it was not good enough (he happened to compare it with Madonna’s version :-P) and I agree. It was not good enough. I think my voice there was flat and lacking in emotion.

He suggested I should read my own work instead. I thought, why not? I cannot remember anymore why the poem “GIMME LEMONS” figured out in our short exchange – but it did. He said why not read it? I am not the type who backs out to challenge without trying and so, here it goes.

Please be kind enough and excuse the background noises. I tried several times but I cannot get a clean recording. I would appreciate it very much if you can listen beyond that and just concentrate on my reading. And yes, you are welcome to criticize my reading style. I would love to hear your comments. It is, after all, an exercise for me because my pronunciation skill has gone rusty and all. These days I am only writing – not talking much or reading aloud much. Not being a native speaker, naturally, that skill will turn awry without practice.

GIMME LEMONS is a poem I penned after the Lords of the FB arbitrarily banned me for 2 weeks apparently for spamming. No explanation was asked. I shared my post in the communities and groups where I am a member. How could it be called as “spamming”? If there is such a thing as limit to the number of times one can share a post, then there should be a limit as to the number of communities and groups one could join. Otherwise, there will be a constant conflict of spamming.

Nonetheless, rather than sweating it out or getting angry, I poured my emotion into writing and came out with this poem. I hope you enjoy it — and, ahem, my reading as well. If not, then, for the sake of the season, forgive me for giving you headache. Lol!

Happy holidays everyone and, from the bottom of my heart, I pray that 2018 will be a better year for all of us. Luvyah one and all.

This was originally published in Virily https://virily.com/lifestyle/gimme-lemons/. If you like to check my other works, I have several in this site as well as in mine https://harpingbyapixiecom.wordpress.com/. But, it is only here in POETRY PASSION I can upload an audio post because it has that option and I am grateful for that.

Thank you AATIF, once again, for accommodating me as co-author in this community. I truly love being here.

Young Age

A time when everything seems Achievable,
Graspable, in fact, Snatchable.

Bountiful mind directs to many roads,

All may not lead to virtuous goals.


It’s a time when some of us fail to realize the worth of love, honor, and roots.

Roots- our predecessors- know us better, offer us better and wish for nothing in return,

Except for some respect, value, and warmth of heart.


Sadly, only a few young perceive their inner power,

Only a handful understand the transiency of this hour.


Now we’re –
Passionate, Spirited, Animated

And it’s not too late to be-

More than just genius.


We owe some better days to our seniors.


© Fahmida Begum

The Poetic Heart

not perfect

‘not perfect’

What is perfect mean in this perfect world?

I questioned myself what is perfect mean in this perfect world.

Is it a place of immortality or a person without any flaws

But how can you be perfect when they want to trap you in their demon’s claws

Everybody expects perfect you in this perfect world

But here I define, perfect is a freedom of who you are and who you become.


“I know I am not perfect and I do mistakes and shit, life is a rollercoaster and sometimes you go up and sometimes down to hell. But it is okay, as long as you breath, you can keep trying, you can keep living and you can keep being you and free in this perfect world”


I kept asking myself why I am not perfect in this perfect world

Sometimes I kill myself, sometimes I break my bones

Sometimes I put fake smiles, sometimes I act as a clone

I took hundreds of pills to lose my weight,

I spend thousands on makeup to cover my face

I was just looking perfection in me, maybe I am not perfect at all

Maybe I ll never be a perfect son, a perfect friend and a perfect man

But I love you with this imperfect heart and imperfect self


If I am without the flaws and mistakes, and perfect me

pleasing everybody and trying to be someone that’s not surely me

What kind of person I ll be but that perfectly perfect me is someone I don’t wanna see

I am happy young and wild, accepting everything that’s happening to me

In this perfect world, I can be anything, I am perfectly free

I know I am not a perfect man

I wasn’t perfect to you but you know you are perfect to me

But some doesn’t understand and can’t accept imperfect you

I can’t change people but I can bring changes in me


I guess accepting my imperfection is a perfect me

I guess facing all my insecurities and flaws is a perfect me

I guess not trying to be perfect is a perfect me

But this world expects more when you give them more

This world is cruel, they want to break you more

They don’t judge by who you are but who you were before

Hate this word ‘perfect’, what it is called


But if you are happy with your life, that’s all matter

Just learn not to give a fuck what people says

And I hope you ll never caught up in their fucked up games whatever they plays

Coz I went through so many shits in my life

I did so many mistakes I wish I had a second chance

People judged me and dragged me down so many fucking times

But fuck it, you do mistakes and you learn and you grow

But never do same mistake twice, never just go with the flow

I wish I can say that to my younger self but I am perfectly fine now.

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Love Yourself

My Lady,


First thing first is yourself

Why then do you care about them?

Why do you care about society?

Why do you care about provisions?

Why do you care about the life you think you deserve?

Why do you see yourself any little lower than them?

For by you, a savior came

Still by you, and entire body fell

Why then are you waiting for them to define you?

Why then are you waiting for them to clamor equality for you?

You’ve waited way to much girl

You need to start some quitting

Quit that false belief that you’re inferior

Quit those things they told you about being weak

Quit that false humility marauding your life

Quit thinking there’s a love you deserve

Quit all those conferences you have with elusiveness

Quit that activity that makes you hate 5 of 7 days a week

Return to the first thing first – yourself

Love yourself more by the day

Do what you love today, and repeat it everyday

There’s no life or love you deserve

Life exist in several ways you can create

This’ the first education you need as a girl

To love yourself and what you do.


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If Only

While many people look for love, only a few can claim that they love completely, without reserve…without holding back. Most of us are not capable of loving unconditionally…to give without expecting a return. We could adore another human if he or she could love us back. We give, we pour our heart and soul, maybe, but we expect that by doing so, the other person will extend us the same affection and respect.

If only for once we just love for the sake of love…then perhaps we will have a chance to really know what is love.

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