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Nothing Comes To A Sleeper But A Dream


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Life is known for throwing unexpected curve balls our way. We sometimes tend to let those curve balls (disappointment, loss of life, sickness, failure, etc)  dictate the way we live, feel, think and carry ourselves through life. I, for one, can admit that I’ve been guilty of this. I like to call it the victim mindset. The “why did this happen to me” mindset. But one thing we have to remember as humans is that we are capable of great things when we put our mind to it. Regardless of the obstacles we face, we can accomplish great things in this world as long as we have the vision to do so. I wrote the following piece to remind myself and others of the power of the human mind and potential, and how we have the ability to push ourselves to greatness, even when times get hard:

Ocean like calmness exudes when you release inner conflict.

And replace complacent based logic with a replenished conscious…

Filled with thoughts of promise and ideals of never stopping.

Set goals…Conquer

Then move on to the next conquest.

Limits should never be mentioned when seeking progress.

Deterrents can cause rifts, but important to remain confident.

Always have a vision… What you see is what you can get.

Never claim to lack the depth to aspire for great accomplishments…

Potentials can produce wonders when we learn to harness them.

Never hesitate to move by the beat of your own drum.

Seize more than the moment…

Embrace greatness and strive to shatter the laws of complacency.

A wise man once told me… “Nothing Comes to a Sleeper But a Dream.”


Here is a link to the audio/visual  that I put together for this piece: https://youtu.be/fv_9rJVvjlw

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What is She for You? A Poem by Sara Khan

This poem was originally published on Sara Khan’s blog.

I should have slept by now

The thoughts of what he said yesterday

Is just overpowering

I know I shouldn’t fuel my mind with negative insights

Yet the thought is a powerful wake up call

For the women all around

A whore, this is what he called his wife

Nothing seemed wrong till she kept quiet

The pain she went through, she kept aside

Now when she is out to rebel and raise her voice

He asks for how many clients does she have

Sadness gripped my mind as to know where society is heading

Still I call her a fool on her thinking

This world is no place for dumb and mute

Had it been a woman so wise

She should have let her voice to rise

She would not have waited for the day

To tell him who was at fault

The truth he was still unaware of

A man’s ego has made him a brute

She sat still thinking good of this man

Who could have protected and rescued her from their evil plan

It’s over, now, she realise

As she saw a stranger in his eyes.

Sara Khan is a Freelance Content Manager, blogger, and, now, an eBook author. She is a motivator. She is focused on inspiring people through her writings.

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Wheeling Backwards by Mark Tulin

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Visual Poetry: Romantic “Being extremely cold…”

by Theresa Williams 

Visual Poetry:   Visual poems use images as poetry.  It is poetry that uses media and language.  The following poem uses visual elements about romance.

This poem is visual poetry about romance and robots.  It is also about health and humans.  The following title explains romance for the robot and human.

Visual Poetry:  “Being extremely cold and damp was the next thing I became aware of…”


Video poetry is video and visual poetry.  It is also called media poetry.  (It uses technology. )

Visual poetry and video poetry showcase elements of the poem such as visual images.  It also uses sound art.  

A great visual poem will go above words that are just spoken or written.  You may be just starting out or already a professional… anyone can use visual poetry.  It’s time to create great digital art!

Good luck!

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Though Everything’s Buyable (Haiku)

Look; “Those seeds start grow

While the plastic plants stood still

And it’s quite different”

Pict source: pinterest


HAIKU by Rijal Muammar from Indonesia

Rijal is an author of a book in poetry titled as BUKANTOLOGI, that written in Bahasa (Indonesian Language). For more awesome poems, Find him on:

Medium: Kerijalan

Instagram: bukantologi