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I once had a cage which I called ‘Love‘.
I tried to contain the winged from flight.
But, whenever I looked at the skies above,
I wondered what was beyond my sight.

I didn’t cage you, for you’re bird and cage.
I caged myself for I was afraid to fly.
I was trapped in a diary, and your favorite page.
So, my story was just another lie.

Heaven shook the cage with lightning,
and I was no longer your prisoner there.
You played no part in the imprisoning.
I imprisoned myself when you didn’t care.

~Pramodh Iyer, a Poet at Ω The Equilibrium Of Life Ω

Picasso Dude by Mark Tulin

Originally posted on Crow On The Wire.

with no shirt,
shorts falling
to his knees,
hair matted,
tangled by the sun

Rolling and spinning,
shopping carts,
moving cars

in a supermarket
parking lot,

I am free, because of it

I hear the frequency of my kitchen
the deafening sound of appliances
that killed the wind, the quiet
murmur of the grass and the cicadas
and the death throes of little animals

I try to remember the smell of the earth
her dirt, her ashes, her streams, her stones
her forests, her oceans, the long traces
of life in her atmosphere. Instead

I glance at plywood fronts and plastic
and marble and steel and glass and all
brand new, and clean. Inert, threatening
to kill me

I am organic life forgetting itself
forgetting that time is in order
and that I am free, because of it

let me

Let me

Let me drive, let me control the steering of the wheel

Let me press the break, let me stop,

Let me change the gear, let me feel real

This thing s0 called life, let me handle

Let me feel free, let me burn my own candle

Let me be selfish once, let me put myself first

Let me love people, oh! Let me love myself first

not perfect

‘not perfect’

What is perfect mean in this perfect world?

I questioned myself what is perfect mean in this perfect world.

Is it a place of immortality or a person without any flaws

But how can you be perfect when they want to trap you in their demon’s claws

Everybody expects perfect you in this perfect world

But here I define, perfect is a freedom of who you are and who you become.


“I know I am not perfect and I do mistakes and shit, life is a rollercoaster and sometimes you go up and sometimes down to hell. But it is okay, as long as you breath, you can keep trying, you can keep living and you can keep being you and free in this perfect world”


I kept asking myself why I am not perfect in this perfect world

Sometimes I kill myself, sometimes I break my bones

Sometimes I put fake smiles, sometimes I act as a clone

I took hundreds of pills to lose my weight,

I spend thousands on makeup to cover my face

I was just looking perfection in me, maybe I am not perfect at all

Maybe I ll never be a perfect son, a perfect friend and a perfect man

But I love you with this imperfect heart and imperfect self


If I am without the flaws and mistakes, and perfect me

pleasing everybody and trying to be someone that’s not surely me

What kind of person I ll be but that perfectly perfect me is someone I don’t wanna see

I am happy young and wild, accepting everything that’s happening to me

In this perfect world, I can be anything, I am perfectly free

I know I am not a perfect man

I wasn’t perfect to you but you know you are perfect to me

But some doesn’t understand and can’t accept imperfect you

I can’t change people but I can bring changes in me


I guess accepting my imperfection is a perfect me

I guess facing all my insecurities and flaws is a perfect me

I guess not trying to be perfect is a perfect me

But this world expects more when you give them more

This world is cruel, they want to break you more

They don’t judge by who you are but who you were before

Hate this word ‘perfect’, what it is called


But if you are happy with your life, that’s all matter

Just learn not to give a fuck what people says

And I hope you ll never caught up in their fucked up games whatever they plays

Coz I went through so many shits in my life

I did so many mistakes I wish I had a second chance

People judged me and dragged me down so many fucking times

But fuck it, you do mistakes and you learn and you grow

But never do same mistake twice, never just go with the flow

I wish I can say that to my younger self but I am perfectly fine now.

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