I tell myself I’m that independent girl

who has her own shoulder to cry on

who doesn’t need anyone but herself,

I should be after what happened the last time

but I’m lying to myself because

sometimes I just need a crutch, someone to lean on,

when my bones are broken and

I can’t see with the blood in my eyes

but it’s hard for me to trust anyone

Last time I did,

I ended up with a mouth full of gravel,

more bloody body parts than I started off with

and a heart that was dripping tears and desperation

But when you look into my grey eyes

and you see a tempest, not forgotten hopes,

you see storm clouds that bear thunder, not the smoke that drifts away

I want to try all over again,

So let me take your hand,

don’t injure me so that I am forced to

After all

You can only break someone so many times

until they never heal again

You can only push me to the ground so many times

until I never get up again.


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Trojan Horse

I walked into this world

painted in gold,

saturated with diamonds,

adorned with rubies

I walked into this world

as a trophy.

as a prize,

a gift from the defeated to the victorious

I was a symbol that said

“You have won, we lost

And now you can have her

please have mercy on the rest of us”


So they took me in and danced around me

bonfires were lit and drums thundered

I was ravaged and torn open

Gold dripped from my eyes

and melting rubies seeped

from the annex of my thighs

they all had their fill of me

sated, they fell asleep

their thirst quenched by my cries


I was left to slowly die in the embers of a fire

from a celebration of a victory that ruined my life

and though my countrymen had given up

I rubbed the ash from wood that had long burned

under my eyes in a symbol of defiance

and as my lifeblood drained out of me

and my soul fuel burned out

I picked up a dagger

in a final act of rebellion


How careless they had been

they never thought I would wield their weapons

the same weapons they had used on me

to carve their names into my heated flesh

But I did

and then I unleashed my wild

until there was not a breathing body left

until there was a river of blood flowing out from the hearts I had pierced

the ones that had taken from me what was not theirs to take


And then I stumbled back to my own world

to the people who had given me up to protect their own lives

and I told them of my victory

I had become an accidental Trojan Horse

but now they said

“We knew you would survive”

“We knew you would come back”

yet when they had dolled me up

they …

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Poem “Urgent Note for My Son Langston…” by Theresa Williams

This is an emotional poem that reflects on life and loss.  It is inspirational poetry because it uplifts and encourages even in the midst of tragedy.  The poem shares about motherhood, grief, love, and suffering.  “Urgent Note for My Son Langston…to be pinned to his collar upon age eleven” by Theresa Williams

Urgent Note for My Son Langston

to be pinned to his collar upon age eleven

This is Langston.
He likes mutant turtles and the ghost grey
power ranger please
do not
shoot him he
is your new friend he
will jump in your arms
and ask
to be swung
in circles not
in noose spin

please he
is scared of very loud
noises and he would not
respond to a shot he
might just fall in dirt
infra-red and not move at

all like when we play ninjas and he is the blackest
because he say that’s the baddest

and I say no but
he say yes so
I’m the blackest

so how to make easy
topic better get meta
and none of this race shit really matters so
low I talk hawking but he waffles
and I don’t give a
fuck bout machines
stretched in time
I just need Langston man boy
demon home
in time please don’t

kill him he likes pancakes not waffles
like on Sundays when he asks for extra syrup
I pour on so much syrup
yes please
don’t fire we hymn strange hold
hands I put him on hips even
altars big
ger black
er and scary

arms scare
crow my neck brow clammy
while he mouths the words mom and god
round his tongue, spun like a fat marble.

And I know this note is a little long, but I just thought you should know that
this is Langston
and I love him he absorbs all the light
and so can you I mean yes
he’s not an angel stole once you learned his
lesson well he

is or might be volatile please
return home safe so I can see the blue white
light from top peaks of his covers pulled tight
round his door bends blackbodies soft
sweet pulse a blue night


Poem “Urgent Note for My Son Langston…” by Theresa Williams



How to tell if a poem  has fallen into you. Poetry by Theresa Williams

How to tell if a poem

has fallen into you.


It rhymes.

It doesn’t rhyme.

all of this pedantic

thoroughly researched

or last minute.

alas i fall into you

like a sheet of paper crumpled

tossed aside

or in

that was not a metaphor.

street sweeper rumbles by


ego rules my

thumb delete

backspace into nothing

a storybook character


more real than

me now i lost in poem


thumb delete

backspace nothing

like a game character


more real than

me and now i lost

track  [in poem]


©Theresa Williams



Poetry Collection: Degenerates Voices for Peace. Homelessness Edition.

From Crow on the Wire:

Hope you check out this poetry collection from poets across the country on the topic of homelessness. Included are my two poems: Christmas Day and Tattoo Man. Click the following link to read the online magazine. Degenerates Voices for Peace.

The Horn of Compassion by Mark Tulin

Originally posted in Crow On The Wire.


Things won’t go all well always
Some days would bring joy
A few others will make you sad
In both you can let out a smile

Every now and then, we set goals
Some days we attain these goals
On some others, we surpass them
And there are days we don’t reach them
In all of these, we can let out a smile

The best of our life comes from within
Our within, explains our without
Our smiles comes from within
Having a lot of impact on our without
This we should do always
We should let out a smile