Untitled, A poem from Art by Theresa Williams

Untitled, A poem from Art by Theresa Williams


An upturned cup holds a poem

which flew from a soul and now

thru your window


gusts of wind



the strong warrior falters




there are many words to persuade this

looking, down, around, used

none matter

a 3 bounces in time.

Vanishes, it will never come again.

Or will

A river gushes


I wrote this poem after the wind blew my coffee cup perfectly upside down, and the liquid stayed in.  Well, most of it did and I thought about passion, the four elements of water, air, fire, earth, and love that resists.

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Nothing Comes To A Sleeper But A Dream


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Life is known for throwing unexpected curve balls our way. We sometimes tend to let those curve balls (disappointment, loss of life, sickness, failure, etc)  dictate the way we live, feel, think and carry ourselves through life. I, for one, can admit that I’ve been guilty of this. I like to call it the victim mindset. The “why did this happen to me” mindset. But one thing we have to remember as humans is that we are capable of great things when we put our mind to it. Regardless of the obstacles we face, we can accomplish great things in this world as long as we have the vision to do so. I wrote the following piece to remind myself and others of the power of the human mind and potential, and how we have the ability to push ourselves to greatness, even when times get hard:

Ocean like calmness exudes when you release inner conflict.

And replace complacent based logic with a replenished conscious…

Filled with thoughts of promise and ideals of never stopping.

Set goals…Conquer

Then move on to the next conquest.

Limits should never be mentioned when seeking progress.

Deterrents can cause rifts, but important to remain confident.

Always have a vision… What you see is what you can get.

Never claim to lack the depth to aspire for great accomplishments…

Potentials can produce wonders when we learn to harness them.

Never hesitate to move by the beat of your own drum.

Seize more than the moment…

Embrace greatness and strive to shatter the laws of complacency.

A wise man once told me… “Nothing Comes to a Sleeper But a Dream.”


Here is a link to the audio/visual  that I put together for this piece: https://youtu.be/fv_9rJVvjlw

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A guest poetry- “will” by Tarebear the Writer from BOSTON



when you broke
my heart
I thought you
walked away with
the air I breathe
and left my lungs
and motionless.
I thought you
drained my blood
and left my shattered
heart unable to
contract and release
ever again.
I was wrong,
I will breathe on
I will will my heart
to beat on.
I will live on.
I will not let you kill me.
I am in charge of me
I can save me.
When you broke my heart
I thought you took my life
with you when
you left.
But no.
I can fight on

by: Tarebear the Writer 

something about the writer:

Tarebear the Writer is a slam poet and writer from Boston. She is a senior in high school and is currently working on self-publishing her first poetry book.

boston writer

Tarebear’s poetry has been published in the Teen Ink literary magazine. Her slam poems can be found on YouTube and her written poems can be found on her blog at 


Frustrations by Eon Zone


The mind thinks endlessly

Of life’s unseens and realities

And words flow carelessly

Just to behold – I’m the casualty.

The heart feels numb

As the pain echoes 

Very deep – very low

I ask myself – Am I dumb?

Am I alone? Am I nothing?

Will questions be answered?

Or I will always be rejected?

The soul then continues hoping.


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Visual Poetry: Romantic “Being extremely cold…”

by Theresa Williams 

Visual Poetry:   Visual poems use images as poetry.  It is poetry that uses media and language.  The following poem uses visual elements about romance.

This poem is visual poetry about romance and robots.  It is also about health and humans.  The following title explains romance for the robot and human.

Visual Poetry:  “Being extremely cold and damp was the next thing I became aware of…”


Video poetry is video and visual poetry.  It is also called media poetry.  (It uses technology. )

Visual poetry and video poetry showcase elements of the poem such as visual images.  It also uses sound art.  

A great visual poem will go above words that are just spoken or written.  You may be just starting out or already a professional… anyone can use visual poetry.  It’s time to create great digital art!

Good luck!

Thank you for reading






Title:- “JIGAR”


Kar Lo Gar Apni Mushkil Se Dosti To Mushkil Aasaan Lagti hai,

Dikhao Mushkil ko Jigar Apna To mushkil Khud Pareshan Lagti hai,


Jo Milna Likha hai Hamaari Taqdeer me Wo To Milega hi Hamein,

Par Cheen Lo kuchh Taqdeer se To Taqdeer Bhi Hairaan Lagti hai.


Jab Bhara ho Jigar me Jazba-e-Junoon Apni Manzil ko Pane ka,

To Phir Har Fikra Aur  Har Khauf Se Tabiyat Anjaan Lagti hai.


Gar Lagi hui Ho Aag Jigar me Barson Se Kuchh Haasil Karne ki,

To Phir Aag Se Kheltey Waqt Aag Se Puraani Pehchaan Lagti hai.


Ye Sirf Jigar hi hai Jo Deta hai Saath Andhere me bhi hamara,

Nahi To Andhere me Khud ki Parchhaai Bhi Beimaan Lagti hai.


Nahi  Karta Gham ‘Aatif’ Apni Mushkil Se Kabhi Haar Jaane pe,

Ki Mushkil ko Jigar Dikhane Me bhi to ek Alag hi Shaan Lagti hai.

A Ghazal Composed BY: -SYED SABAH UR REHMAN-Aatif’