Frustrations by Eon Zone


The mind thinks endlessly

Of life’s unseens and realities

And words flow carelessly

Just to behold – I’m the casualty.

The heart feels numb

As the pain echoes 

Very deep – very low

I ask myself – Am I dumb?

Am I alone? Am I nothing?

Will questions be answered?

Or I will always be rejected?

The soul then continues hoping.


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Visual Poetry: Romantic “Being extremely cold…”

by Theresa Williams 

Visual Poetry:   Visual poems use images as poetry.  It is poetry that uses media and language.  The following poem uses visual elements about romance.

This poem is visual poetry about romance and robots.  It is also about health and humans.  The following title explains romance for the robot and human.

Visual Poetry:  “Being extremely cold and damp was the next thing I became aware of…”


Video poetry is video and visual poetry.  It is also called media poetry.  (It uses technology. )

Visual poetry and video poetry showcase elements of the poem such as visual images.  It also uses sound art.  

A great visual poem will go above words that are just spoken or written.  You may be just starting out or already a professional… anyone can use visual poetry.  It’s time to create great digital art!

Good luck!

Thank you for reading






Title:- “JIGAR”


Kar Lo Gar Apni Mushkil Se Dosti To Mushkil Aasaan Lagti hai,

Dikhao Mushkil ko Jigar Apna To mushkil Khud Pareshan Lagti hai,


Jo Milna Likha hai Hamaari Taqdeer me Wo To Milega hi Hamein,

Par Cheen Lo kuchh Taqdeer se To Taqdeer Bhi Hairaan Lagti hai.


Jab Bhara ho Jigar me Jazba-e-Junoon Apni Manzil ko Pane ka,

To Phir Har Fikra Aur  Har Khauf Se Tabiyat Anjaan Lagti hai.


Gar Lagi hui Ho Aag Jigar me Barson Se Kuchh Haasil Karne ki,

To Phir Aag Se Kheltey Waqt Aag Se Puraani Pehchaan Lagti hai.


Ye Sirf Jigar hi hai Jo Deta hai Saath Andhere me bhi hamara,

Nahi To Andhere me Khud ki Parchhaai Bhi Beimaan Lagti hai.


Nahi  Karta Gham ‘Aatif’ Apni Mushkil Se Kabhi Haar Jaane pe,

Ki Mushkil ko Jigar Dikhane Me bhi to ek Alag hi Shaan Lagti hai.

A Ghazal Composed BY: -SYED SABAH UR REHMAN-Aatif’

ROOM [2]


At the high of 99 feet,

I see the roads as moving rivers

I see the trees as green stones

I see the pedestrians as swimming fishes

I see the cars as dancing shrimps

From the window,

I see the the rain as happy sky meet the land

I see the snow as a food for freeze river

I see the leaf as a big ship with smiling captain

I see the sunshine as a heater for couple in love

At the high from my dorm, from the window

I see lovely sight.

Pict source: google


©all right reserved

ROOM (Poem) by Arini Jun

She is a poem lover and literary works writer. For other awesome poetry find her on

dandelion’s Blog

Instagram : dandelionpoem

time [poem]

Take your things into your dream

It is not about running in life

Maybe clockwise is wiser than you

Ends is not about how you rotate it to fit you

To think every single step in your dream

In the aims you pursuing in life

Mocking bird is more popular than a singer

Every flag has its pole and no need to go rushly

The numbers are just your guide

If you believe, it just about moving

Mistake is mistakes even you turn it into justice

Except you are never look at your walls to find you time’s point


Dandelion’s blog

©all rights reserved 2017

Instagram: dandelionpoem



Thaan Rakha ho kisi ne kuchh Agar to Khuda Khud Madad Karta hai,
Aey Bandey zara si Himmat to kar tu kyun Bekar me Darta hai.

Ek cheenti bhi Gir Gir ke Chadti hai Deewaar pe Baar Baar,
Tu Insaan hokar bhi ek hi bar Girne pe kyun Dam Bharta hai.

kyun Darta hai In Raaston ke Pattharon se Thokar Khaane se tu,
Ki Insaan Sambhalta Tabhi hai Jab Pehle Thokar Khake Girta hai.

Najaane kyun Ghabra Jaate hai Log Dekhkar Zakhmon ko Apney,
Ki Apney Zakhmon ko Dekhne se to Josh-e-Junoon aur Ubharta hai.

kya hua gar Naha Gaya Mehnat se nikle Paseene me Tu Aaj,
Ki Mehnat Ke Paseene me Nahane se to Naseeb aur Nikharta hai.

Meri Mushkilein Khud Pad Jaatin hai Mushkil me dekhkar buland Irade Mere,
Teri Isi Ada pe to Aey ‘Aatif’ Ye Saara Aalam Marta hai.

a Ghazal composed by SABAH UR REHMAN-Aatif