Choked – Poem by Sara Khan

This poem was originally published on Sara Khan’s Blog

Standing at the station

She let pass another train

She looked around

Everything was same

But she felt

Something isn’t right

Standing in the middle

Of the crowd

She didn’t know

Which direction to choose

She didn’t know

Whether to move ahead or step back

She stood there

Helpless, indeed

She looked around

And couldn’t speak

She wanted a help

But couldn’t breathe.


Sara Khan is a Freelance Content Manager, blogger, and, now, an eBook author. She is a motivator. She is focused on inspiring people through her writings.

Frustrations by Eon Zone


The mind thinks endlessly

Of life’s unseens and realities

And words flow carelessly

Just to behold – I’m the casualty.

The heart feels numb

As the pain echoes 

Very deep – very low

I ask myself – Am I dumb?

Am I alone? Am I nothing?

Will questions be answered?

Or I will always be rejected?

The soul then continues hoping.


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Visual Poetry: Romantic “Being extremely cold…”

by Theresa Williams 

Visual Poetry:   Visual poems use images as poetry.  It is poetry that uses media and language.  The following poem uses visual elements about romance.

This poem is visual poetry about romance and robots.  It is also about health and humans.  The following title explains romance for the robot and human.

Visual Poetry:  “Being extremely cold and damp was the next thing I became aware of…”


Video poetry is video and visual poetry.  It is also called media poetry.  (It uses technology. )

Visual poetry and video poetry showcase elements of the poem such as visual images.  It also uses sound art.  

A great visual poem will go above words that are just spoken or written.  You may be just starting out or already a professional… anyone can use visual poetry.  It’s time to create great digital art!

Good luck!

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A Broken Appointment by “THOMAS HARDY”

A Broken Appointment


You did not come, 

And marching Time drew on, and wore me numb,— 

Yet less for loss of your dear presence there 

Than that I thus found lacking in your make 

That high compassion which can overbear 

Reluctance for pure lovingkindness’ sake 

Grieved I, when, as the hope-hour stroked its sum, 

You did not come. 


You love not me, 

And love alone can lend you loyalty; 

–I know and knew it. But, unto the store 

Of human deeds divine in all but name, 

Was it not worth a little hour or more 

To add yet this: Once you, a woman, came 

To soothe a time-torn man; even though it be 

You love not me? 


ROOM [2]


At the high of 99 feet,

I see the roads as moving rivers

I see the trees as green stones

I see the pedestrians as swimming fishes

I see the cars as dancing shrimps

From the window,

I see the the rain as happy sky meet the land

I see the snow as a food for freeze river

I see the leaf as a big ship with smiling captain

I see the sunshine as a heater for couple in love

At the high from my dorm, from the window

I see lovely sight.

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©all right reserved

ROOM (Poem) by Arini Jun

She is a poem lover and literary works writer. For other awesome poetry find her on

dandelion’s Blog

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Moon watch

by Osalam Wosu

Knees pointing up and back on grass

The chance to see her I dare not pass

Anticipating her beauty like that of a highborn lass

Which men of all ages yearn for, gathering en masse.

A glorified steward of the night

Riding with raiment of celestial white

Ruling the dark with a scepter of light

And then submitting to aurorean might.

Insomnia comes with every complete lunation

So I run to gaze once again on this apparition

To look on you and your guards, the stars; a tradition

I have that is subject to eternal repetition.

From waning to a waxing crescent

The cycle you take so decent

During your heavenly ascent

Returning to Him from whom you were sent.

Forebearer of the orb that constitutes the day

For a while longer I wish you’d stay

And with your reflection in the water I’d play

Till when our goodbyes we’d say.

A dusky night rides down the sky, ushering in the morn

With the sun just above the ears of corn

Leaving me sad and utterly forlorn

And the memory of our little date, torn.


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