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Exit Stage

I had a thought; a picture of you.
You were downing poison, again.
I thought, perhaps, I’d share it too.
And, just let go of all this pain.

Do me a favor, before you leave,
and call me, just once more.
You said, I’d get a hug; I believe.
We’d both leave Earth, for sure.

As far as I see, from my view,
you’ll ‘rock-the-show‘ in Hel.
Earth should mourn; it’s true.
But, where you’d go, I’d do well.

Leave this reality when you must,
if it no longer feels light as it was.
A world where heroes are buried by dust
isn’t as half good as Hel’s applause.

Inspire me to live, one more time,
and give me a hug before we leave.
You needn’t apologize for any crime
but know that what you said, I believe.

I ask you not to stay; I’ll join you anyway.
The world needs our healing, yet another day.

~Pramodh Iyer, a Poet at Ω The Equilibrium Of Life Ω

(A ballad, dedicated to one and post prompted by one; grateful for both!)


I can’t catch Sleep; she’s afraid
that to be with me would fail.
“No rest for the wicked,” it is said.
And, you just walked into this tale.

“There’s enough time to sleep,”
Said Robin, “when you’re dead!”
Now Sleep is afraid to even peep.
Since you’re here now, instead.

I can’t tell you when I’d rest.
It’s a game of hide-and-seek.
I’ve hidden, though it’s now best
that I let my ink just speak.

For how can I, a dream pursue?
There’s plenty in this reality too.

~Pramodh Iyer, a Poet at Ω The Equilibrium Of Life Ω


Mud and dust is all that is left of my body

Smoke and illusions all that is left of my heart.

Soon my soul will be on fire, ashes will be all that remain

Maybe when hell freezes over I’ll rise again from the embers

Like a phoenix in flames reborn.


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Death is not my friend

your grave is paid until the end
of the decade
when a yellow bulldozer
comes rolling on the churchyard gravel
somebody is paid to do this,

it won’t take long, they are discreet
your stone becomes the pavement
on which children meet
or some guy commits a heinous crime

and your memory is strung
around the neck of time

He that shrinks


Boarding the time of death soon
Lightening the darkness at night
A quest i am at twilight
As fire sparks my wick, my birth, my tune

People seated on a bench in Cameroon
Standing upright and gazing in fright
My tears, my fears, all in one night
Time for my soul to quench, how soon

I am he that will shrink
My tears, my integrity, no gain
Which i stand on

“Where is he” at sunrise, they may think
Never to be tall again
My life span, gone!