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You, sanctuary of withering roses
Cathedral of injustice
You, ballad drenched in misery
Try to put on your smile

You, after scent of campfire
Cloud of billowing smoke, ignite
You, smoldering volcano
Nervous fireworks, breathe

You, mosaic of self-inflicted wounds
Playground of dancing ghosts
You, gripped by grief
Skirmish till you’re barely alive

You, sinking ship
Neglected thought, dying or dead
You, forgotten fossils
Death can’t kill you

You, whoever you are
You, everything you didn’t want to be
You, you’re doing just fine
You, it all will be alright

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My Dream: A Vision Of Peace – Poem by ToddMichael St. Pierre

My Dream: A Vision Of Peace

Where the mountains touch the sky, 
Where poets DREAM, where eagles fly, 
A secret place above the crowd, 
Just beneath a silver-lined cloud. 

Lift your eyes to a snowy peak, 
And see the soon-to-be we seek. 
Whisper DREAMS and let them rise, 
To the mountains old and wise. 

Climbers climb, it’s time to try, 
Where the mountains touch the sky. 
Take me there. Oh take me now, 
Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow. 

Where the ocean meets the sky, 
Where mermaid dance, where seagulls fly, 
A place in DREAMS I know so well, 
The sea inside a single shell. 

Far across the living sea, 
A pale blue possibility, 
Beyond the castles made of sand, 
Tomorrow in a small child’s hand. 

Only DREAMERS need apply, 
Where the ocean meets the sky. 
Take me there. Oh take me now, 
Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow. 

A common ground for one and all, 
Behind the crystal waterfall, 
Where Peace flows like a mighty stream, 
Like Dr. King I have a DREAM. 

Imagine such a goal in sight, 
For red and yellow, black and white… 

New Delhi, Beijing, Kenya, Rome, 
Earth is the place that we call home. 
Baghdad, Belfast, Tel Aviv, 
One race HUMAN, we still believe, 
Come DREAM with me… 

Where the forests reach the sky, 
Wake to DREAMS, and don’t be shy. 
We’ll DREAM the world a thorn-less rose; 
We’ll plant then watch it as it grows. 

We’ll conquer hate with DREAMS of hope, 
We’ll DREAM one big kaleidoscope. 

Whisper now; let the DREAM begin, 
It’s time to trust the truth within. 
This is where we seek and find… 
A place called PEACE for humankind. 

DREAM on DREAMERS, hopes are high, 
Where the forests reach the sky. 
Take me there. Oh take me now, 
Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow. 

Now, listen close, the future calls… 
‘Build your bridges and tear down walls! ‘ 
For time has taught and so it seems, 
Realities are born of DREAMS! 

Whisper DREAMS and let them rise, 
To the mountains old and wise.

by:ToddMichael St. Pierre

Sushi Roll by Mark Tulin

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The orange sun


through the porthole

of a sushi bar

where I squeeze

two chopsticks together

casting, reeling in

a rainbow roll with yellowfin,

sockeye salmon,

spicy mango sauce,

some extra ginger:

A seafaring fisherman’s

big catch

in Chinatown.

A Little Girl Lost – Poem by William Blake

A Little Girl Lost – Poem by William Blake


Children of the future age,
Reading this indignant page,
Know that in a former time
Love, sweet love, was thought a crime.

In the age of gold,
Free from winter’s cold,
Youth and maiden bright,
To the holy light,
Naked in the sunny beams delight.

Once a youthful pair,
Filled with softest care,
Met in garden bright
Where the holy light
Had just removed the curtains of the night.

Then, in rising day,
On the grass they play;
Parents were afar,
Strangers came not near,
And the maiden soon forgot her fear.

Tired with kisses sweet,
They agree to meet
When the silent sleep
Waves o’er heaven’s deep,
And the weary tired wanderers weep.

To her father white
Came the maiden bright;
But his loving look,
Like the holy book
All her tender limbs with terror shook.

‘Ona, pale and weak,
To thy father speak!
Oh the trembling fear!
Oh the dismal care
That shakes the blossoms of my hoary hair!’ 

by:William Blake


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