Wheeling Backwards by Mark Tulin

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Dear Self

You deserve a great applause for what you are now. I am proud of you. But never stop there. Keep moving ahead with a smile through all walks of life. 

Life- the most beautiful gift given by the Almighty. Make the most of it. God gave you this gift and now it’s your duty to make it worth living and a memorable one for your soul. I am the most fortunate person to work really hard for you, to create you, to lead you to the top. I am inspiring people, motivating people. They are following my footsteps. I’ll never expect a credit from anyone of those because I know that you will always be grateful to me. And I ensure you that I’ll do every possible thing to make you feel appreciative of me. 

Stay graceful as always. Stay determined as always. Look forward always with chin up and head held high. Only look behind to see how far have you come. Make everyone proud. Make your parents proud as always. You have reached the summit but the journey doesn’t end here. Climb all the mountains with smile. Feel proud of your good work. Stay humble always even if you reach to the highest version of yourself. Your head should be in sky, but feet always on earth. Never ever forget to thank the Almighty who worked behind scenes for you. Never ever blame him for your Karma. Keep up the good work without expecting anything in return. Never forget those who helped you to reach here, especially me!! Haha! Never feel lonely as I am always there for you. Love yourself more than anything else. Stay motivated. Aspire and always inspire! Always Believe in Yourself!

 I promise you that when you look behind, you will feel truly proud of me.


Agina Gideon


Foot mat


With blistering steps of human stamps

with a rambling walk into a room

I stand as an inevitable prerequisite
Instead of pats of love

Rather, pats of dust

I was made for this i know

But not with stamps of shoes but human feet
Within months i will wear out

With a solemn welcome i offer to you before you go in

Will you ever say a goodbye to me before you go out?
For hiding the truths with tiring lies

I am on my own to frazzle

Through out my life span, the door post Is where i call home 

Falling In Love With Love – Poem by Peter S. Quinn

  Falling In Love With Love

 Falling in love with love, 
There’s nothing like this, 
Become like someone you love, 
Is what I hope for and miss.
My love is lonely tonight, 
When the stars shine on so bright, 
What is for me now right, 
Is perhaps all out of sight? 

Falling for someone like you, 
Is it just impossible? 
Why is my heart so blue? 
Am I just another fool? 
The night is ascending, 
Dark hours coming in soon, 
My wishes comprehending
In shadows from the moon.

Falling in love with love, 
There’s nothing like this, 
Become like the one you love, 
Is it impossible to wish? 
Now in this gleaming light, 
Perhaps I’ve lost my flight, 
But I shall hold on so tight, 
Never give up on that fight. 

by:Peter S. Quinn

Dream-Love – Poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Dream-Love – Poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Young Love lies sleeping
In May-time of the year,
Among the lilies,
Lapped in the tender light:
White lambs come grazing,
White doves come building there:
And round about him
The May-bushes are white.

Soft moss the pillow
For oh, a softer cheek;
Broad leaves cast shadow
Upon the heavy eyes:
There wind and waters
Grow lulled and scarcely speak;
There twilight lingers
The longest in the skies.

Young Love lies dreaming;
But who shall tell the dream?
A perfect sunlight
On rustling forest tips;
Or perfect moonlight
Upon a rippling stream;
Or perfect silence,
Or song of cherished lips.

Burn odours round him
To fill the drowsy air;
Weave silent dances
Around him to and fro;
For oh, in waking
The sights are no so fair,
And song and silence
Are not like these below.

Young Love lies dreaming
Till summer days are gone, – 
Dreaming and drowsing
Away to perfect sleep:
He sees the beauty
Sun hath not looked upon,
And tastes the fountain
Unutterably deep.

Him perfect music
Doth hush unto his rest,
And through the pauses
The perfect silence calms:
Oh, poor the voices
Of earth from east to west,
And poor earth’s stillness
Between her stately palms.

Young Love lies drowsing
Away to poppied death;
Cool shadows deepen
Across the sleeping face:
So fails the summer
With warm delicious breath;
And what hath autumn
To give us in its place?

Draw close the curtains
Of branched evergreen;
Change cannot touch them
With fading fingers sere:
Here first the violets
Perhaps with bud unseen,
And a dove, may be,
Return to nestle here. 

by:Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Liquid Mind by Mark Tulin

Originally posted on my Instagram page, crowonthewire_poet as well as crow on the wire. 


Liquid Poetry

The mind like water

Fluid, flowing

Peaceful, dynamic

Strong yet still

An ocean of thoughts

Connecting without gripping

Blending and mixing

Receiving without judging

Evaporating into the atmosphere.



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