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More Than Love

Have you ever felt so free

have you ever felt someone like me

I used to lie to myself that there wasn’t

any thing to not love doesn’t

I am always gone and you are always here

Needing you to be near

but you cant keep up with my chase

Not seeing through my masks of fake face

After all these years

And through all my tears

Our connection grows stronger

Our time remains infinite longer

In my dreams you shall stay

Never to ever fade away

In my life I hope you remain

Even through all the rough pain

Your love will give me praise

Deep in my heart it will remain always

Somewhere over the rainbow

where we came to understand and know

Thank you for never giving up on me

Helping me to relearn and able to see

Waiting a whole lifetime for you

only to understand what love is true

My love for you will never end

And you will always be my favorite best friend

so the time is fore-long

Where I can never do any wrong

And I will never forget

Nor will you regret

All that has been said

Cause we all love the color Red

A New Begin

A new year has begun

A new time to run

With each new day I learn

about us and the yearn

Change into a new time and space

Each time I look at your face

Between us as the world turns

As our love fiercely burns

We spend the turn of a new set of years

Without any tears or live fears

We have had the time of our lives

Just to wake up in a bed of knives

with all the mistakes and irresponsibilities

Yet you were there will all your ingenuities

To save me and set me free

Always said this is how we’d be

But indeed, actions speak louder than words

My crying heart is what you heard

And you did not let me down

There you were when I came around

I couldn’t get to you fast enough

The year before was too tough

I don’t know how I survived

Time without you left me deprived

Once I saw your smile looking down at me

I couldn’t help but to be

I ran to greet you, longing for your touch

Holding your embrace too tight to clutch

Tell the world we are coming home

Couldn’t live here all alone

Dance with me in the rain again

walk with me through the field of grain

Standing in the rain as it washes away

All of our pains of yesterday

Unlock me


At the first page of our story,

The pages seemed so beautiful,

But soon the days turned evil,

I endured so much till i couldn’t anymore.

I was like a beggar on the street begging for your love,

Your “i love you” ,you never meant it,

Your “yes” was your “no”

You should have made it clear to me that you never wanted this,

But you lied,

You lied and deceived me.

I wish you know what kind of pain i feel to this very day,

The kind of pain that gets to my bones,

The kind of pain that shred my heart to pieces,

I feel so humiliated,

I feel i was fooled,

Each time i hear your name,

Each time i hear your voice,

Each time i see you,

It’s like I’m drinking a glass of pain

I put my whole in this relationship,

None of me was left,

All of me i gave,

But i was never loved by you,

It was just you playing me,

You should have told me that I’m not as important to you as you were to me.

I lost you but somehow i found myself,

I know i need someone to get me out of this cage of pain,

Someone that holds the key,

Someone i could lean on,

Someone to unlock me.

My Desire


The fight to be holy I have always fought

Striving daily to remain firm to the course of which I was bought

The ultimate prize paid with the highest price


My creator demands i be holy

For he is holy

But my weakness seems to get the best of me

Leaving me broken at the end of  it all


Sometimes it seems am so close to being holy

But flesh never lets me be

Nothing is wrong with me

All I need is a heart like my savior


A heart so strong like the wind

Filled with love

So pure

A heart like yours is what am searching for


Lord you know my heart

And you know how i desire for you every second

I know am not all i can be

But I know i will make it


For as long as you stay by me all day

I will remain strong

And fight till my last

But I need a heart like yours Lord


No More You

No more you I told myself

Since you choose to leave the heart that love you

And be joined with the bitch that lust after thee

Our promises so solemn you forsook and fled


It’s painful to let go off you

But am going to do it for my sake

For along the miles you left me to wile down the drain

Love turned to hatred all cos’ of you


Should I keep you in my heart

when it’s obvious you don’t want to stay?

Am letting go off you

My heart shall no longer beat for you

My heart shall no longer accommodate the thought of you.


Of what essence shall it be thinking of a bitch

Bleached bitch in the pitch of lust?

It can only be a waste of time and am not ready to do such.

No space left here for you

So don’t bother coming back

To a place you turned your back on


It’s no more about you for you are long gone.

What I once feared and tagged a terror

Is now an error left to be corrected

The thought of losing you I once dreaded

But now it’s no more for you are no more what you think you are


It’s only a matter of time

Every pain I feel now

Shall be my gain

For it’s no more about you 


The reason I do this, the reason I cut myself is to replace some of the agonizing pain.I’ve been cutting myself ever since I can remember.

Before I came to this city, before I came to meeting you.

My friends from my old school didn’t care if I ended up committing suicide.

But I remember one.

Only one meant a lot to me.

Ella, my old friend.

She understood me, she tried everything in her power to keep me away from harms way.

After I moved and lost contact with her all the agonizing pain that she took from me came back!

Every night I would hold my “friend” to my wrist and slash open my warm, tanned colored skin.

The blood seeping down my arm, glistening in the dull restroom light.

This pain.

This pain replaced the one I had for her.

When I went to school I would have to wear sweaters to school even on very hot days, just to hide my scars from judging eyes.

Then I met you and you automatically became my friend.

You were the only one that was there for me.

You made me feel like I belonged, that I was needed, that I didn’t need to hurt myself to solve my problems.

But just one little slip and I came crashing down.

Back to my old self.

The self that I hated.

The self that I never wanted to go back to.

It’s gotten out of hand!

I just want to give up and say farewell to this God forsaken planet!

But I would end up hurting you.

Not me, but You.

The person that showed me that the world isn’t so bad.

The one that took my hand and lead me out f the darkness and into the light.

I would be hurting you Helen!

And I’m sorry I did.

I just didn’t know what to do.

When I wanted to contact you and tell you that my life was crashing down on me, the phone seemed miles away from my reach.

When I tried telling you at school, I couldn’t find the words.

So I ended up bottling the pain, the drama, all my problems inside of me and ended up breaking down.

I’m sorry I didn’t say anything.

And now I know better.

I’ll try to talk my problems out like I did when we first met.

And try to become the self that you knew and loved.The reason i do this