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For the love of calm
he hates man
For the love of God
who created man
he gave himself
a sip of wine
made of hope and

For the love of God
he loved one
pair of man
who gave him
a taste of, the
best of man

One had the heart
of gold
who gave him a
kiss of life
The other, a heart
of stone
who built him, the
bricks of life

After one month of man
he now drowns
in a pool of hearts
two man can
make a life
two lives can break
a man

Lost that night
one died in a car that crashed
glory, the car was insured
the other died in her sleep
glory, her bed was laid
the lies we tell ourselves
love can save us all
untill the crash and
now we have

Petrichor of the dead hearts
stinking of love once had
now his heart has lesions
forever he has lost his calm

Bad Romance?

I’ll give it to you all for free.
If you’d listen over a cup of tea.
I’ll write a story while at NIMHANS.
It will be about our Bad Romance.

I will let you know that I appreciate
every inspiration you did create.
You told me I was Born This Way.
I needn’t apologize at the end of the day.

Let’s play Russian Roulette and have fun.
Roll on hay, all day, under the sun.
I’m talking about Love, not just being Friends.
We’ll depart, with Poker-faces, when all ends.

Lady Gaga, I want to meet you.
Je t’amie! Even if it isn’t true.

~Pramodh Iyer, a poet from The Equilibrium of Life

Forbidden Love

coded rendezvous

notes slipped into back pockets

furtive glances

unspoken words

nightly kisses

ignored by day

eyes flirting across the room

mouths sewn shut

grazing hands

lingering scents

fleeting moments

of affection

never anything more

this love too pure

for the poison of the world

these minds too closed off

to see two feminine silhouettes

in an embrace.

For dear lang

For dear lang…


Cup filled till brink .

But not a drop for me to drink .

This is where I sink.

When I read your poetry .


When I indulge in your deep thoughts .

When I understand the depth of your words.

I can understand your broken love.

How much had made you tough.

Oh baby! Oh dear ! How much have you learnt.

I can’t ever reach that world.


Inspired by lang leav.

All The Songs

Every song has become about you

When the love songs start playing

I remember what we used to be

And when the ones about heartbreak start

I picture us now.


Originally published on The Sehrish Thing, please do check out my blog. LIKE if you enjoyed reading the poem, thanks!


I know he sees me as a project

Something broken, something damaged

That needs to be repaired so that it works again

With a psychology degree as his screwdriver

And late night conversations as his pliers

He wants to hammer me back into place

Tighten my bolts into tip top shape

He sees something in me that is worthy of redemption

call it my saving grace, but all I see are gaping holes

where love and trust should fill up the space


He says “I love you”

when what he really means is

“I’m going to fix you”

I just wonder if he’ll love me

Once he’s done fixing me.


Originally published on The Sehrish Thing, please do check out my blog. LIKE if you enjoyed reading the poem, thanks!