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So This Is Love — SoulWrite

Stella smiled again as her friends grunted. “Will you please stop smiling like this Stella, it’s too much.” Her best friend chided her gently. Stella smiled again and they all left her to her own devices, she asked herself how she got so lucky to have someone like Silas who loved her so much. She […]

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The Right Girl For Me – Poem by Ernestine Northover

The Right Girl For Me

I’m looking for a girl who’s right for me, 
One who knows how to talk intelligently, 
She’ll laugh at all my jokes, 
And ignore the other blokes, 
And find that I am just her cup of tea.

The task is not so easy, I have found, 
There aren’t that many ‘right’ ones still around, 
But if they’re out there somewhere, 
And if any of them might care, 
To find me, then I won’t be going to ground.

My charisma can be in itself impressive, 
My conversation I know is quite expressive, 
I am kind in word and deed, 
And I think you will concede, 
That I wouldn’t be someone who’d be repressive.

I can say that I’m a very balanced chap, 
Who, when the going’s tough would never flap, 
But I’m really keen to find, 
A lady of like mind, 
Who in fact could quite ideally fill the gap.

So I’m hoping that this lady turns up soon, 
Perhaps it could be this very afternoon, 
I would greet her with a smile, 
Which would certainly beguile, 
And my vibrant personality should make her swoon.

So, do you think, that I could really have a chance, 
Do you think that she would give me just one glance, 
If this ‘Miss Right’ doesn’t show, 
That would really be a blow, 
And put an end to all my thoughts of true romance.

No, there’s got to be a girl who’s right for me, 
I won’t believe there isn’t, so soon you’ll see, 
An attractive lady on my arm, 
A lady with such charm, 
That eventually we’d become a Royal ‘We’.

by:-Ernestine Northover


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Bound by love — SoulWrite

Chapter 13«Zainab’s POV» Today was Sunday, what can I do today? I am so bored. I don’t know what to do today and I don’t know what Muhib and his family have planned for today. If I was at home I would have gone to visit Intisar and we would go shopping or do something […]

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Love Yourself

My Lady,


First thing first is yourself

Why then do you care about them?

Why do you care about society?

Why do you care about provisions?

Why do you care about the life you think you deserve?

Why do you see yourself any little lower than them?

For by you, a savior came

Still by you, and entire body fell

Why then are you waiting for them to define you?

Why then are you waiting for them to clamor equality for you?

You’ve waited way to much girl

You need to start some quitting

Quit that false belief that you’re inferior

Quit those things they told you about being weak

Quit that false humility marauding your life

Quit thinking there’s a love you deserve

Quit all those conferences you have with elusiveness

Quit that activity that makes you hate 5 of 7 days a week

Return to the first thing first – yourself

Love yourself more by the day

Do what you love today, and repeat it everyday

There’s no life or love you deserve

Life exist in several ways you can create

This’ the first education you need as a girl

To love yourself and what you do.


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I Love

 I love the way you see me

Visions of how perfect I am

Morning looks never giving a damn

I love the way you set me free

Long talks that go everywhere

Every once of freedom we share

I love the way you sing

Your charismatic words touch

Making everything else not matter much

I love the way you do that thing

Your every quirk that you do

Reminders of what is in view

I love the way you smell

Comfort found in your warm embrace

Gazing at the gaze on your face

I love how you yell

So deepened and carried to the unknown

Showing just how much we have grown

I love your strong hands

They know me too well

And I know you will never tell

I love how your secret still stands

Remaining so closed and so open

Yet I stand here still hoping

I love the way you smile 

Intoxicating when you light up 

Making you laugh for good luck

I love the way how everything is a trial

Deep knowledge with deep thinking

Crossing the all knowing without blinking

I love the way you laugh

I can feel your laughter in every space

Where nowhere and everywhere is the perfect place

I love how you photograph

Your soul shows so colorful

Making your memories so wonderful

I love the idea of you

What I thought is not what I knew

Love can make the heart go blind too

But is this dream or is this true

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