Of Time and People

Time flies with unseen wings

or may be it has a chariot pulled by the horses;

horses that come from the land of hundred Suns.

where there is no difference of day and night;

or seasons and weathers, and it is impossible

to tell one hour from another. That is where

they would want to pull it away.

Away from all of us mortals

begging more and more of it,

when all we get is some sand of time

knotted, tight together –

in the glowing cloth of false hope

with a hole in it.

So, every time we try to tie it harder

to not let more of sand slip away,

we only make it slip faster

with nothing adding up for us

but knots of agony; and thus

the time flies away.

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Visual Poetry: Romantic “Being extremely cold…”

by Theresa Williams 

Visual Poetry:   Visual poems use images as poetry.  It is poetry that uses media and language.  The following poem uses visual elements about romance.

This poem is visual poetry about romance and robots.  It is also about health and humans.  The following title explains romance for the robot and human.

Visual Poetry:  “Being extremely cold and damp was the next thing I became aware of…”


Video poetry is video and visual poetry.  It is also called media poetry.  (It uses technology. )

Visual poetry and video poetry showcase elements of the poem such as visual images.  It also uses sound art.  

A great visual poem will go above words that are just spoken or written.  You may be just starting out or already a professional… anyone can use visual poetry.  It’s time to create great digital art!

Good luck!

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Sensual yet Intelligent…thy name is #Woman


thy name is #WOMAN

Sensual yet intelligent…thy name is #Woman

Born with #virtues mixed with #vices…thy name is #Woman

Born #Tough yet most #Fragile…thy name is #Woman

Emotionally #Rich and born to #Conquer…thy name is #Woman

May be the #Best of #Bests of all creations…thy name is #Woman

You can shed #Tears to heal your #Wound…thy name is #Woman

Exploring #Women is a #Mistry & is yet to resolve….


एक कोशिश

एक कोशिश ~मन कि एक ख़याल~

•खुद को जीत लिया तो दुनिया को जीत लिया•

हर सुबह जब नींद खुलती है

एक नई ज़िन्दगी जीने की अहसह होती है

क्या पता आप किश से जितना चाह ते है


पर में तो ख़ुद को ख़ुद से जीतने की


एक कोशिस मे लग जाता हुँ

क्यूँ कि मुझे पता है जिस दिन में ख़ुद को जीत लिया

दुनिया मेरे क़दमों में होगी

दुनिया मेरे क़दमों में होगी

•••••ख़ुद से जीत के तो देखो•••••#Thoughts put to #Words




Title:- “JIGAR”


Kar Lo Gar Apni Mushkil Se Dosti To Mushkil Aasaan Lagti hai,

Dikhao Mushkil ko Jigar Apna To mushkil Khud Pareshan Lagti hai,


Jo Milna Likha hai Hamaari Taqdeer me Wo To Milega hi Hamein,

Par Cheen Lo kuchh Taqdeer se To Taqdeer Bhi Hairaan Lagti hai.


Jab Bhara ho Jigar me Jazba-e-Junoon Apni Manzil ko Pane ka,

To Phir Har Fikra Aur  Har Khauf Se Tabiyat Anjaan Lagti hai.


Gar Lagi hui Ho Aag Jigar me Barson Se Kuchh Haasil Karne ki,

To Phir Aag Se Kheltey Waqt Aag Se Puraani Pehchaan Lagti hai.


Ye Sirf Jigar hi hai Jo Deta hai Saath Andhere me bhi hamara,

Nahi To Andhere me Khud ki Parchhaai Bhi Beimaan Lagti hai.


Nahi  Karta Gham ‘Aatif’ Apni Mushkil Se Kabhi Haar Jaane pe,

Ki Mushkil ko Jigar Dikhane Me bhi to ek Alag hi Shaan Lagti hai.

A Ghazal Composed BY: -SYED SABAH UR REHMAN-Aatif’

ROOM [1]


Its wall is the whistling wind,

Its floor is the dried grass,

Its bed is the brown sands,

Its chair is the strong stone,

Its table is the moving trees,

Its roof is the dancing clouds,

Its music player is the singing birds,

Its clock is the bright sunshine,

Its blanket is the twinkling stars,

Its pillow is the smiling moon,

Its room is Freedom.

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By arini jun on dandelion’s blog

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Will of Fire/A Desire in Dire

Red fluid oozed from my feet, onto the pavement below, staining it crimson.

This is not the path that I thought,

Thorns as sharp as blade -pricked, pierced, pained- spilling flesh over stone.

This is not the place I sought,

Misery in the form of unhappiness, agony in the form of suffering.

This is not the dream that I bought,

Hopelessness, Utter hopelessness! Helplessness, vulnerably helplessness!

This is the burden of the fate that I caught.

Oh! I cried, looking at the dreadful passage that I have taken,
From this nightmare, this hollow dream, I soon shall awaken,
Walk on! Walk on! One step after another, mile after mile,
The destination is nearing, I shall rest in a while.

Through all my lament, my howl, my yelp, my bark; it still burns within me – the fire,
I looked at the winding way as it grew ahead me in length -happy, smiling, overjoyed- because I travel in the road of my desire.


Hello all,
Prabu here, I usually don’t do much poetry, I stick to short stories (you can check it out in my page).


I wrote this poem during a tough period in my life; my first job. The job was hard, life wasn’t easy with me being away from society and sailing around in a rust bucket, made me doubt the carrier path I had taken but I endured and came out on top. Thank you for listening to me ramble.