When someone hurts or offends us, our reflex reaction is to return the favor. Many times, it is tempting to say exactly what is on our mind without mincing it.

However, is it really necessary? Would it be difficult if we first pause, breathe (sigh even if you need to) and think before we let out our emotions?

Words can make or break a soul…and the trouble is, once we said it, we cannot take it back. Sure we can apologize. Nonetheless, is SORRY enough to undo the pain? I leave it up to you to answer that question.

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Untitled, A poem from Art by Theresa Williams

Untitled, A poem from Art by Theresa Williams


An upturned cup holds a poem

which flew from a soul and now

thru your window


gusts of wind



the strong warrior falters




there are many words to persuade this

looking, down, around, used

none matter

a 3 bounces in time.

Vanishes, it will never come again.

Or will

A river gushes


I wrote this poem after the wind blew my coffee cup perfectly upside down, and the liquid stayed in.  Well, most of it did and I thought about passion, the four elements of water, air, fire, earth, and love that resists.

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If Only

While many people look for love, only a few can claim that they love completely, without reserve…without holding back. Most of us are not capable of loving unconditionally…to give without expecting a return. We could adore another human if he or she could love us back. We give, we pour our heart and soul, maybe, but we expect that by doing so, the other person will extend us the same affection and respect.

If only for once we just love for the sake of love…then perhaps we will have a chance to really know what is love.

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I have never accepted happiness as a friend.

Yet sadness never has an end.

I want it to be so different around here.

Time changes my memories over a long year.

Of times that were and times that have been.

They left me longing for a time of happiness times ten,

Or what it was that made me happy.

While movies give reminders of those so sappy.

What is it we are really wanting?

And why is it always so haunting?

With every fiber of my being, 

I just want to see what is worth seeing.

Please believe when I say

that I know it will not always be this way.

But when I don’t do, I want more.

 and when I do it, I am left with what for.

Time slowly passes as I patiently wait

But how long will it be until I meet fate?

All I can do is hope that the day will come

When life is equal to my equations sum.

And the walls that I have built

come crashing down from their infinite tilt.

Where there is a time I can truly believe

in the trust that was so charmingly achieved.

When there is a time I can be just me

And truly be factually happy.

Only time will tell 

In a life of broken hell.

And as I look up at the frozen sky

My heart is reminded to never be shy

To love what I can and never regret

And to never been in life’s debt.

Life is not all about the numbers

But about words said even when in slumbers.

Picture compliments from Verena Seufert’s Take on a New Study







What comes to mind when you hear this word HOME?

Laughter…bantering…children being children…rowdy plays…a warm meal…a nice bed…welcoming arms…acceptance…security…love. It has such a magic feel to it – that simple four-letter word. It holds so much memories – good and bad.

Home is many things to many people…it could be a place or it could be a person. No matter, HOME, almost always, means LOVE.

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Nothing Comes To A Sleeper But A Dream


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Life is known for throwing unexpected curve balls our way. We sometimes tend to let those curve balls (disappointment, loss of life, sickness, failure, etc)  dictate the way we live, feel, think and carry ourselves through life. I, for one, can admit that I’ve been guilty of this. I like to call it the victim mindset. The “why did this happen to me” mindset. But one thing we have to remember as humans is that we are capable of great things when we put our mind to it. Regardless of the obstacles we face, we can accomplish great things in this world as long as we have the vision to do so. I wrote the following piece to remind myself and others of the power of the human mind and potential, and how we have the ability to push ourselves to greatness, even when times get hard:

Ocean like calmness exudes when you release inner conflict.

And replace complacent based logic with a replenished conscious…

Filled with thoughts of promise and ideals of never stopping.

Set goals…Conquer

Then move on to the next conquest.

Limits should never be mentioned when seeking progress.

Deterrents can cause rifts, but important to remain confident.

Always have a vision… What you see is what you can get.

Never claim to lack the depth to aspire for great accomplishments…

Potentials can produce wonders when we learn to harness them.

Never hesitate to move by the beat of your own drum.

Seize more than the moment…

Embrace greatness and strive to shatter the laws of complacency.

A wise man once told me… “Nothing Comes to a Sleeper But a Dream.”


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