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Confessional Sunday: Reprieve 

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Why I Write Sad Poems

The worst kind of pain is when you’re smiling to just to stop the tears from falling… Am very good at this even being aware that crying doesn’t mean being weak But i gotta keep a smiling face because some people draws happiness from seeing me smile.
One of my fans approached me one day and asked “Gings you write mostly about sadness and pain thus i know without being told that you’re a sad poet But on many occasions I have seen you from a distance you re always wearing a smile making me to ponder on what inspires the sad and broken poems…….
I really cannot give you a definite answer.
I’d be lying if I said I knew.
But I can express why,
I think it’s essential…..
I jot it down to avoid sympathy,
The pathetic looks on my face when I shed a few tears.
Literally the judgments in their voices I try to avoid
So their condolence doesn’t get to bounce back and forth in my heads for days without end.
“And that’s the thing about pain,
It demands to be felt”
Instead of hearing my reasons just to respond,
You get to read it
And maybe understand what it is that is eating my soul.
It has picked at my flesh for so long
I have got the cuts to prove it
I don’t need the quiz.
I don’t know what I may need at that moment,
I think its chocolate……
Oh no, it’s wine…..
Nope, that’s not it……
I need to be held,
No words just silence,
Hug me tight till it all ends.
But that’s not why I write.
I write because it’s better putting words on paper
Because it becomes evidence of the hardship I’ve overcome,
A reminder to me of how far I have come to be…
So…..For as many as they
That judges me everyday
Because I pour out my sadness
Just to make it clawless
I don’t wish for you to understand
For my pains you can never withstand
Just read my pains in written words
But never you wish to live in my world
For nothing dwells there
Nothing my dear
Nothing but pains
Real pain

Of Time and People

Time flies with unseen wings

or may be it has a chariot pulled by the horses;

horses that come from the land of hundred Suns.

where there is no difference of day and night;

or seasons and weathers, and it is impossible

to tell one hour from another. That is where

they would want to pull it away.

Away from all of us mortals

begging more and more of it,

when all we get is some sand of time

knotted, tight together –

in the glowing cloth of false hope

with a hole in it.

So, every time we try to tie it harder

to not let more of sand slip away,

we only make it slip faster

with nothing adding up for us

but knots of agony; and thus

the time flies away.

Author at Sanjeev Kumar Pandey's Blog


Loi looked around his surroundings and took in a deep breath, he did not see any traces of their
alien craft where it has been kept. He knew then that his people had left him behind. The earth was
nothing at all like he imagined intact they were more populated and less sophisticated unlike his
home Hozinoh.
Over the years few humans that have found it had come to like the space especially his home. It
was a far more sophisticated place and it was centuries older than earth.It seemed he would be
staying on earth for a while before they come back for him. He had to find a way to survive.
As he stepped out of the woods he encountered another life entirely. People were moving around
in a haste, nobody was waiting for a greeting or pleasantries, everyone went about their business.
He saw varieties of cars running around on land and looked on in confusion as many of them lined
the streets. He didn’t know what to do and how to use them unlike his planet where the cars were
up high where they could not hurt anybody. A guy walked up to him and smiled.
"Nice costume dude."
Luckily back in his planet they had been taught English Language, the most popular language on
earth so he understood what had been said to him. He looked at his clothes and realized that he
would need to blend in so that he would not be noticed because he was sticking out like a sore
thumb and every had started sizing him up.
He finally saw a clothing store where he ducked in and silently took clothes without being seen.
He hated stealing but then he had no choice and no means of payment used on earth. After he left
the store he didn’t know what to do and he had no idea on how to survive. After what seemed like
hours of aimless walking, he saw an advertisement board that stated a vacancy for construction
workers. He was directed to a small office which held many people like him in search of a job.
Everyone turned to look at him as he entered, they all had their eyes on his still braided hair, he
scowled at some of them and decided to ignore them.
After several hours of waiting, he got the job. Him and the others that applied for the job were
shown to their work post. Loi used this opportunity to survey his surroundings. The construction
site was quite big and it was bustling with people. Back at his planet he was known as a shy
person and it only worsened since he was not with his people. He got to work and refused to
confront the states of people aimed at his back.
Even after several weeks, he could not blend in with the other workers, he tried for a week and
when his kind gestures proved abortive he withdrew himself and preferred to stay alone. It seemed
even earth was in on the cruel joke that he was an outsider and decided to be more harsh on him.
He sighed and pushed away his food, he had lost his appetite and the food tasted like paper in his
mouth. He looked up and fervently hoped that his people would soon send the rescue ship to him.
"Hi there."
He jumped from the voice.
"Who are you?"
Loi looked at the lady in front of him and shrunk back, he had not expected anyone to talk to him.
She smiled and offered him a handshake.
"My name is Kaida and I work here too though not a laborious work like yours. And I am also an
outsider like you."
His heart thumped very loud in his chest, he could not explain how she knew he was not from
"How do you know that?"
She threw back her head and laughed.
"It’s so obvious. You have been sitting alone for the past two weeks and you even look misplaced
among us. I understand that, I am also like you, I have been mocked and teased my whole life, I
have never really felt at home here. So, where do you come from?"
He breathed in relief. She didn’t know, she probably thought he was from another place on
"Where I come from is very far from here."
He gazed at the sky and smiled.
"But it is very beautiful."
She nodded.
"So can we be friends? Outsiders together."
He was thrilled at the idea of having a friend. It would be the first time for him that someone was

offering him friendship. Maybe he won’t be alone again as he had always been. He nodded.
"Yes, I will."
She offered him her best smile.
"I would like to visit your place too, if you like it so much maybe I can fit there too."
He swallowed and fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. He didn’t want her to know yet but with time
he could tell her, she probably will be thrilled.
"Okay but you must know it is nothing like you know, it is a totally different place."
She smiled.
"I’m game. Nothing scares me nor surprises me anymore."
He nodded.
"Alright prepare to be dumbfounded. Don’t say I didn’t tell you."
She grinned.
"Outsiders together.
He smiled.
" Outsiders together. "



Blistering summer days, when the sun gives his widest grin.

When sweat is dripping down your back and chin.

The wind is a sweet, charming lady, who rushes to soothe,

she blows gentle, soft, caressing and smooth.


 What a relief, what a wonderful balm,

the wind aims to please, she tries to calm.

the itching, burning sweaty eyes and bodies

She tries to transport you to an air conditioned lobby.


On other days, when the rain god is out,

Showering us and laughing with his thunderous shouts.

The wind is his ally, his friend in arms.

she blows mischievous, adds an element to the storms.


A small prank here, a practical joke there,

She likes to bluster, she likes to scare.

She is just playing with you, she means no harm.

With her friend, the rain god arm in arm.


In the icy peaks of the handsome mountains,

Where the snow and ice are all-surrounding.

The wind, sometimes, is the frigid, cold woman,

Biting at you, stinging your skin, making your limbs wooden.


She will want to take small bites of your skin,

Will try her best to wriggle her way in.

It is better to be completely covered and protected,

Snow suit, goggles, thermals will make you feel less tormented.


Oh ! But then if you want to see her in all her glory,

when she is in her peaks of anger and fury.

Hurricanes, gales, tornadoes and cyclones.

She is a very angry woman, out to break your bones.


She is like a wronged woman, out for revenge,

very difficult to understand or comprehend.

Spewing destruction and chaos everywhere,

causing pain, loss, devastation and despair.


Just as a lady had many faces and moods,

the wind plays sometimes, other times she broods.

She throws a tantrum yet other times,

Is gentle and calm now and then, acts just fine.


Though to give her the credit that is due,

Just before she roars, shouts or coos,

She does give you warnings, all the indications,

It is up to you to take suitable precautions and protection.


About the Author:

malini guest poet
Hi ! This is Malini – a technology professional with almost two decades of experience, currently on a long sabbatical, trying to fill in the spare time with some of this and a little of that. I love to read, am a fanatic about cleanliness (to the point of being tagged OCD) and interested in trying out variations in the kitchen.
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