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Dear, dare not linger


My wailing waves of nostalgia sweeps my joy away. 

Thrillingly i push with pressure, 

But hold on to the ecstasy i leave, 

When i hug your dotted skin. 
I try to keep the volume low, 

But my tensed syllable still speaks. 

To shuttle to and fro is my calling, 

And a call i am indebted to answer. 
In deep shivering faith, 

I hope to break the bounded sea shore, 

I hope to embrace the warmth, 

Of your shaggy skin. 
But for as long as you acclaim me, 

I will remain strong, 

Even when nature calls, 

My swirling surfs will still roar. 


Pricked while adding gems and gold

To your undisputed crown

Effortlessly helplessly lost under 

Canopies of your cruel curses 

And tired from right to left dangles

Bruised by your knuckles  

My heart crushes at your feet

Peeling unnoticed scars watching 

Your shoulders sway away 

Here struggling to knit them up with 

Patches of unnecessary apologies 
Pity my lashes from the burning droplets 

The balcony is thirsty of our warmth 

The sky seeks more watchers 

Its still not well if you no longer see 

Nothing behind my eyes 

You see it well if I’m a red coal 

Swallowed by the grey ashes

Moisten my soul with the fading 

Fascinating memories then 

I will drag my mind from you 
First, just tell me, how? 

How does it feel balancing my heart 

On one hand and a ranging fire

On the other

The smile while slaping them together 

Makes vampires haunt my dreams


When someone hurts or offends us, our reflex reaction is to return the favor. Many times, it is tempting to say exactly what is on our mind without mincing it.

However, is it really necessary? Would it be difficult if we first pause, breathe (sigh even if you need to) and think before we let out our emotions?

Words can make or break a soul…and the trouble is, once we said it, we cannot take it back. Sure we can apologize. Nonetheless, is SORRY enough to undo the pain? I leave it up to you to answer that question.

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The host, says the field is clear

We wonder in fear, we are unwell 

Because the night draws near

It’s time for war, little time for us to dwell
Betrayal, a traitor

Our comrade, our danger

A rouge vindicator 

Once a captain, now a stranger 
The host, our fellow

With no knowledge of that, bagged with trust

Our comrade, we follow

A death battle we did not know will burst
We were a fused prey to the host

A conjoined toast 

Untitled, A poem from Art by Theresa Williams

Untitled, A poem from Art by Theresa Williams


An upturned cup holds a poem

which flew from a soul and now

thru your window


gusts of wind



the strong warrior falters




there are many words to persuade this

looking, down, around, used

none matter

a 3 bounces in time.

Vanishes, it will never come again.

Or will

A river gushes


I wrote this poem after the wind blew my coffee cup perfectly upside down, and the liquid stayed in.  Well, most of it did and I thought about passion, the four elements of water, air, fire, earth, and love that resists.

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If Only

While many people look for love, only a few can claim that they love completely, without reserve…without holding back. Most of us are not capable of loving unconditionally…to give without expecting a return. We could adore another human if he or she could love us back. We give, we pour our heart and soul, maybe, but we expect that by doing so, the other person will extend us the same affection and respect.

If only for once we just love for the sake of love…then perhaps we will have a chance to really know what is love.

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