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Into The Dark – Part 1

It’s coming.

That’s all I thought,

Racing through the night.

It’s coming.

A simple sentence,

That meant so much more.

Who’s coming?

That’s the question anyone would ask,

If they could read my thoughts.

I tried so hard,

To stay in the glare of the streetlights,

Racing from  one to the other,

Trying to reach my destination,

Where she could help me.

A growl erupted from behind,

Too close for comfort.

I just need to reach the next light.

I have to get there.

Pushing my wary legs,

To keep moving,

Keeping running,

You have to make it.


It felt like bugs were crawling up my spine,




Yanked me back,

By my shirt.

Dragging me away from my savior.

The gentle gaze,

Of the light,

Glowing up ahead.


I think a lot

About my lot 

How someone can change my plan!


I know, it’s my fault 

To schedule my day

Calculating others’ perception.


I expect too much

Of course, from the wrong person.

They just don’t betray,

But still, crush the connection.


No, I don’t blame them. Because- 

It’s human nature

To be busy with only one person.

And I, the secondary option,

Now, accept my situation.



© Fahmida Begum

The Poetic Heart

Burnt Almond Sky by mark tulin

Originally posted in Crow On The Wire.

It’s been a week now. Still surrounded by wildfires in Santa Barbara. The sky keeps changing colors. The sun,when visible, is an ominous red-orange. The mask that I wear still wraps tightly around my face. Smoke and ash are everywhere.

As the California wildfires keep burning, so do my poems.

Young Age

A time when everything seems Achievable,
Graspable, in fact, Snatchable.

Bountiful mind directs to many roads,

All may not lead to virtuous goals.


It’s a time when some of us fail to realize the worth of love, honor, and roots.

Roots- our predecessors- know us better, offer us better and wish for nothing in return,

Except for some respect, value, and warmth of heart.


Sadly, only a few young perceive their inner power,

Only a handful understand the transiency of this hour.


Now we’re –
Passionate, Spirited, Animated

And it’s not too late to be-

More than just genius.


We owe some better days to our seniors.


© Fahmida Begum

The Poetic Heart