Poem “Urgent Note for My Son Langston…” by Theresa Williams

This is an emotional poem that reflects on life and loss.  It is inspirational poetry because it uplifts and encourages even in the midst of tragedy.  The poem shares about motherhood, grief, love, and suffering.  “Urgent Note for My Son Langston…to be pinned to his collar upon age eleven” by Theresa Williams

Urgent Note for My Son Langston

to be pinned to his collar upon age eleven

This is Langston.
He likes mutant turtles and the ghost grey
power ranger please
do not
shoot him he
is your new friend he
will jump in your arms
and ask
to be swung
in circles not
in noose spin

please he
is scared of very loud
noises and he would not
respond to a shot he
might just fall in dirt
infra-red and not move at

all like when we play ninjas and he is the blackest
because he say that’s the baddest

and I say no but
he say yes so
I’m the blackest

so how to make easy
topic better get meta
and none of this race shit really matters so
low I talk hawking but he waffles
and I don’t give a
fuck bout machines
stretched in time
I just need Langston man boy
demon home
in time please don’t

kill him he likes pancakes not waffles
like on Sundays when he asks for extra syrup
I pour on so much syrup
yes please
don’t fire we hymn strange hold
hands I put him on hips even
altars big
ger black
er and scary

arms scare
crow my neck brow clammy
while he mouths the words mom and god
round his tongue, spun like a fat marble.

And I know this note is a little long, but I just thought you should know that
this is Langston
and I love him he absorbs all the light
and so can you I mean yes
he’s not an angel stole once you learned his
lesson well he

is or might be volatile please
return home safe so I can see the blue white
light from top peaks of his covers pulled tight
round his door bends blackbodies soft
sweet pulse a blue night


Poem “Urgent Note for My Son Langston…” by Theresa Williams



Kahlil Gibran On Love

This is one of my most favorite cut from The Prophet written by Kahlil Gibran. Thought it is good for my reading exercise so, bear with me and kindly listen to it. As always, your criticism would be most welcome.

Be happy. Light and love. Ciao!

The redeemer 


In the midst of the revolting path, 

In the shadows that dim my light, 

When my hair turned grey, 

Like the glowing ember. 

And my patient time departed, 

Like the morning dew. 

The ones that I have once called mine, 

The ones that I put at heart, but broke it, 

But when I looked into your eyes aesthetically, 

My light shined again, 

My hair turned black. 

The path that I called revolting, neglected. 

Then I knew you’re the one. 


Soreness i caused her

Distress i brought

I have a heart

And a soul too

I brought about a hardened heart

And weakness, i caused
But in my chronicle, coy is explicitly noted

Forgive me Amanda

And see that i am kind
But my distinctive brother “impassiveness”

As vile as he is

A line has been drawn

Chose wisely

And make thine own.

Road of Thought!


Once on the side of road

Mixed voices like a roar

Hitting my ears

Echoing continuously

Uttering a monotonous sound

Like screaming of a

Restless cloud

That cloud was about to bring

Drops of gleeful spring

They were about to release

From the cage of gloomy womb

But in the middle of the way

They were hit my doubtful rays

That stopped them in their way

And they break their journey halfway

They deceived spring

They detached with other fellow beings

Because of this twisted turn

There was a flare roar

Not on the road

But inside me in the inner soul

That was screeching inside

Pronouncing vehemently

You have to accomplish

What you determined

Discard every thought

Of any compromise

You have to achieve your pie!

With Love!

Firdous Zahra

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Who Told Dreams Need Eyes!

Aligarh, IG Hall, I woke up late in the morning bit unusual from the required routine life but I wish it could be repeated every day, finished my breakfast and stepped down in the lawn of the hall to do an eccentric exercise of ‘self-drilling’ just to know what type of person I was, what I am now and what I may become in near future. I usually prefer to sit in the corner of the lawn and often love to wander in my imaginary world meanwhile I met a girl fortuitously before I could understand her and get up properly she held my hand and asked me to accompany her to the gym area.
 I didn’t understand why she is asking me as she was looking perfectly fine she could go by herself but with all these sudden cooked up thoughts I went with her as her innocent gesture compelled me to do that. With some chit-chat we reached to her desired place and still I was unaware of the whole thing, she wanted to weigh herself as she is gaining weight because of continuous medicine intakes. I asked about the problem and what she answered shook me on whole. She told, she was in coma for 1 month and while struggling between life and death she lost her eyesight but luckily survived. During our conversation she was doing eye contact and I couldn’t get a single clue that she cannot see anything. Her smiling face and lively voice forced me to think, do dreams really need eyes?
This poetry is dedicated to that girl and all those people who inspire us in our everyday life…
“When I saw you 
  I found you same as I am,
 After listening you
 Soon, I realized your pain,
 Alas!  You lost your eyesight
 But girl, you are illuminated with
 Angelic eyes,
 A face filled with innocent smiles,
 Words that scatters 
 Enormous Beam of light,
 You made me realize
 That dreams don’t need eyes,
 It’s your will and desire
 That keeps you excite,
 In achieving your goal
 In deciding your role
 In ultimately making you a better soul,
 The brilliant spark within you
 The blazing glow within you
 Is far luminous than our eyes,
 Today the brightness of your blissful eyes
 Questioned me who told dreams need visioned eyes!
With Respect & Love 🙂
Firdous Zahra
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