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When you awake, you will to this:
know that you’re eternal bliss!
It’s true! The Ancient said the same!
If you don’t believe, look at your name!

Your name is hint of all you need be.
And, if you don’t like it, others you can see.
It’s important that you be you, today.
Be nothing else, come what may!

I write this, for I know what you want:
to begin with the awesomeness others can’t!
They never chose this, but you did.
Of anything which isn’t you, you’ll rid!

If I contribute, take this as yours.
Then, I’d send others like this, in due course.
If you like this, with it begin your day.
Please be you, alive, come what may!

~Pramodh Iyer, a poet at The Equilibrium of Life

That’s What They Said

They told me that I have a choice;
that I needn’t suppress my voice.
They said, I could be just anyone;
“Anything is possible under the sun!”

They said, I could be myself forever;
to hide behind a mask, I’d need never.
They said, I live in a world, so free,
to write about sky, land, and sea.

When I wrote about my own storm,
each philosopher raised their alarm.
Because, my truth to them was heavy.
And, the storm didn’t help their Navy.

~Pramodh Iyer, a poet at The Equilibrium of Life

Bad Romance?

I’ll give it to you all for free.
If you’d listen over a cup of tea.
I’ll write a story while at NIMHANS.
It will be about our Bad Romance.

I will let you know that I appreciate
every inspiration you did create.
You told me I was Born This Way.
I needn’t apologize at the end of the day.

Let’s play Russian Roulette and have fun.
Roll on hay, all day, under the sun.
I’m talking about Love, not just being Friends.
We’ll depart, with Poker-faces, when all ends.

Lady Gaga, I want to meet you.
Je t’amie! Even if it isn’t true.

~Pramodh Iyer, a poet from The Equilibrium of Life

Tell Me

Tell me, once again, how I’m wrong unlike you!
Elaborate on how what you alone believe is true.
Tell me how I must be good as I always should!
Tell me how you’d have done better, if only you could!

Tell me how important morality is for men!
Tell me how perverse the world became since then!
Tell me how I waste time writing down all this shit!
Tell me how you were once and how I refuse to fit!

Tell me what a loser I am, and how I alone f~ed up!
I ought to watch you fill shit into my emptied cup.
Tell me how I don’t know shit because I’m young!
Tell me how age brings experience and wisdom!

Be caustic as you’ve always been to me
and all my scars you’d rather fail than see.
Because, you think I have no better choice.
Tell me how you plan to suppress my voice!

~Pramodh Iyer, a poet at The Equilibrium of Life



Is love a pit to fall in?
Or a dungeon that we’re in?
Why’s it thought of as immoral,
yet practiced by the Immortal?

Is Darkness an ugly state?
Why’s Death a horrible fate?
What if darkness was Nature?
Perhaps, it’s humble in stature.

What if Life was just freedom,
and, judgment but cumbersome?
What if I fell in love with Darkness?
What Magic could I harness?

Let go of it all, my dear friend!
This isn’t really how it all ends.
If we saw the beauty of the Dark,
you’d find her love is quite stark.

~Pramodh Iyer, a poet of The Equilibrium of Life

Exit Stage

I had a thought; a picture of you.
You were downing poison, again.
I thought, perhaps, I’d share it too.
And, just let go of all this pain.

Do me a favor, before you leave,
and call me, just once more.
You said, I’d get a hug; I believe.
We’d both leave Earth, for sure.

As far as I see, from my view,
you’ll ‘rock-the-show‘ in Hel.
Earth should mourn; it’s true.
But, where you’d go, I’d do well.

Leave this reality when you must,
if it no longer feels light as it was.
A world where heroes are buried by dust
isn’t as half good as Hel’s applause.

Inspire me to live, one more time,
and give me a hug before we leave.
You needn’t apologize for any crime
but know that what you said, I believe.

I ask you not to stay; I’ll join you anyway.
The world needs our healing, yet another day.

~Pramodh Iyer, a Poet at Ω The Equilibrium Of Life Ω

(A ballad, dedicated to one and post prompted by one; grateful for both!)

The Mystic’s Muse

I wish I could draw a tarot card
which means something to you.
Perhaps, I’d be just the bard
whose songs always come true.
But, I have no such card today.
You my dear are just far away.

I wish I could hypnotize myself
to make believe we were together.
Adventures with each dwarf and elf
would write us in history forever.
I’m just another poet who but dreams.
You’re with another guy, or so it seems.


I wish I was psychic to let entities know
that I have room for none but one.
I leave a library of you, where I go,
full of poetry and days under the sun.

I’m just another guy who makes you smile.
By the time you notice, I’d be gone a while.

~Pramodh Iyer, a Poet at Ω The Equilibrium Of Life Ω