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Heart-Shaped Shell

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I’ll find you a heart-shaped shell,

put it to your ear and you can listen

to the rush of my breath.

With each pulsing wave

we’ll get closer.

The bigger the curl,

the louder the echo.

I’ll take you out

past the surf,

past the buoy

that nods its head

to lift us up.

We’ll paddle out to sea

and together we’ll float

in the rhythm and dance

of our heart-shaped devotion.

Inseparable by Mark Tulin

    (Sketch by Alice Tulin) Originally posted in, Crow On The Wire.

Partners in canvas                                                                                                           


The model and the artist                                        Light and shadow                                                                                                                         

Lines straight and curved                                                                                                          Intertwined

Silent and stationary        

Energies commingled
into many sweeping

and respectful strokes of the brush.

The artist seated at the easel,
the model unclothed in recline.