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Am proud of you my loved one…

I am proud of you my loved one,
can’t fail your name to mention,
your care to me is like of a mother,
to her lovely firstborn daughter,
Checking on her regularly,
To find out what disturbs her.

I am proud of you my loved one,
you brought smiles on my face day one,
And my agonies vanished like morning dew,
And you opened a new page of life for us,
And I forgot the tears of pain,
for the love that you gave me.

I am proud of you my loved one,
Am not ashamed to walk with You in town,
you are beautiful in body and character,
wise in Thinking and deciding,
your wisdom is more than of a serpent,

Am proud of you my loved one,
let’s walk out in the sun,
And in sweet waters of the coast,
And remember our troubles no more,
better are days to come than gone,
The future is brighter my love,
Am proud of you my love.

You need one true than legion of hypocrites

Better one true than a legion of hypocrites,

To stand with you in time of need,

To soothe you when in agony,

To pray for you in difficulties,

To hide you from your foes,

To guide you on the right path,

To celebrate your achievements than mock you,

To hold your hand when growing weary,

One that is true is better than a legion of hypocrites.

Fear of unknown

Who knows what tomorrow holds?

If it has smiles or or frowns?

If many of us knew would be at peace

Would party, laugh and play.

The secret only known to the designer,

Who knows the dusk and dawn,

For every mortal under the sun.

Many run helter skelter ,

In quest for better living,

Many selfish to kill and save,

For the tomorrow unknown,

Many in places of worship,

To repent and love God,

For the tomorrow unknown,

Some mercilessly steal and hate,

For reasons to themselves known,

All in fear of unknown.

I watched her…

I watched her,
She cried painfully,
She pressed her hand on her chest in pain,
Tears rolled down her face as she looked at her daughter,
Only three years old the father had mysteriously disappeared.

I watched her approach the cathedral,
She kneeled awefuly at the altar,
With one hand on her cheek,
And another holding her daughter,
I could see her lips in motion,
She talked to her creator.

I watched her leave the cathedral,
Slowly she away with some hope from the Father,
That all is well,she spoke to herself,
Was going to wait on God,
Who answers in His own season.

I watched her work tirelessly,
And God blessed her hands,
And her enemies were mocked,
And her daughter grew up,
And her troubles were no more.

Then I watched her begin smiling,
She was happy and jovial,
She had a story to tell others,
A glaring testimony to witness,
That God can turn tables,
To bring joy where mourning is.

Who can find justice…..

Like mirage oh justice,
Like rain in the desert,
Like pregnancy to the barren,
Like freedom to the fugitive,
Almost there but not yet.

My peace strangled,
My hopes are strangled,
Unfairness looms around me,
Everyone fighting to see,
The light by himself,
But almost there but yet.

Who bewitched you Justice,
Not found on roads and courts,
Not found in churches and mosques,
In the house of the poor or the rich,
Who can find you justice,
Almost there but yet.

I rest my case here justice,
Without you I find no peace,
Without you my dreams are dead,
And my children will not see you,
And the whole world will not find you.

Uncivilised leader

Uncivilised king,
The same leaders you are making,
With the leadership you are doing,
In the name of helping the poor,
But what they have you are snatching.

Oh barbaric leader!
Who said your leadership is good?
surrounded by a legion of sycophants,
And you think they are advisers,
You lost it my leader,
For you fed on the poor.

Their mouths are wide open,
Their lips dead dry,
White like cassava flour,
You will know them in an hour,
When you realise its hunger,
That directs their advise.

You have killed the innocent,
Because of hiding the evidence,
Of the property you took from them,
To pile riches for your children,
Who will live forever,
Because of your unstopable power.

You claim that you are insecure,
That you’ll be killed by your enemies,
Why kill you my leader?
A friend of the people,
And a friend of development.

Young men are your guards,
They shield you from the arrows,
In a pestilence you fly away,
But their bodies are buried,
For protecting their leader,
But like rats they die.