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by Osalam Wosu

I heard a tale
that rains will come
That our white shoe soles
will have an unwelcome
Of the muddy muck
that kisses the earth
The pregnant flowers
will at last give birth
To enchanting petals
so the bee might visit
Harmattan is ready
with a final whiff of dust
to give
It’s cold night cuddles
will be gone I believe
I heard tales
that rains will come.


Tears on tombstones

by Osalam Wosu

Wreath upon bleeding wreath

Her anguish was spread abroad these stones 

With tears she watered their dying petals

The mortar of the mausoleum 

Interwoven and bound with her sorrows 

Sealed shut and eternally hidden 

 Lies the love of her life. 

Tears upon this alcove 

Was more than she gave 

She takes on the funereal apparel of the abandoned 

With time as hoist she’d draw strength

  from the wells of this bond 

Beyond the times when memories are inexorable

Though they be fond 

And  sanguineness rears its face in the far beyond. 

Each flower spread on the sunbathed lithic base 

Throws ajar the doors to a new phase 

That triumphantly she might waltz in.

Each loss and it’s ensuing mnemonics  

An extra coat of clay upon the perfect mould 

The insculpt that is her life 

Life so easily caressed by death

A rock waved and slapped and wet by the waters of the firth 

Unflinching and sublime 

Battle-bruised and beaten 

Till wounds are bound and healed by time.

She ululates in black by the resting place 

Not that the sun might depone

And upon her back abate his  baneful glow 

Or the wind might stop to blow 

At the dark sigil of which she was clad 

But that the weight she had 

borne; and did bear

Shall flow onto the concrete of these stones 

In the floods of her sorrow tear. 

Moon watch

by Osalam Wosu

Knees pointing up and back on grass

The chance to see her I dare not pass

Anticipating her beauty like that of a highborn lass

Which men of all ages yearn for, gathering en masse.

A glorified steward of the night

Riding with raiment of celestial white

Ruling the dark with a scepter of light

And then submitting to aurorean might.

Insomnia comes with every complete lunation

So I run to gaze once again on this apparition

To look on you and your guards, the stars; a tradition

I have that is subject to eternal repetition.

From waning to a waxing crescent

The cycle you take so decent

During your heavenly ascent

Returning to Him from whom you were sent.

Forebearer of the orb that constitutes the day

For a while longer I wish you’d stay

And with your reflection in the water I’d play

Till when our goodbyes we’d say.

A dusky night rides down the sky, ushering in the morn

With the sun just above the ears of corn

Leaving me sad and utterly forlorn

And the memory of our little date, torn.


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by Osalam Wosu

What troubles me so

in the peak of the night?

And upon my sleep

places a blight

The moon today is not so bright

This sleepless feeling

doesn’t feel so right
Abandoned by sleep, left to wander the dark

A night void of sound,

even a dog’s bark

Upon me insomnia has placed. his unholy mark

And cursed me to carry him

like the priests wielding an ark.

Oh! how annoying is the owl’s call?

I shiver at the sight

of a tree’s shadow standing tall

I search everywhere for sleep. into which I can fall

The memory of my last dream

I no longer recall
He waxes stronger

with each complete lunation

Devouring my mind

with no compassion

And when the night is down to completion

Leaves on my face

a lasting impression
If only I could meet this fellow in battle

And prove to him I am not cattle

This discord of ours I’d settle

And then switch to empty tattle

For I have grown fond of my tormentor

With him I can imagine;

hence he’s a mentor

Friends have passed

but he remained true

I always expect him that made me rue
All evil I said I do take back

Insomnia return, I’m one of your pack

I humbly accept this gift of your mark

I will not be tainted by sleep again;

that unholy tack.