Exit Stage

I had a thought; a picture of you.
You were downing poison, again.
I thought, perhaps, I’d share it too.
And, just let go of all this pain.

Do me a favor, before you leave,
and call me, just once more.
You said, I’d get a hug; I believe.
We’d both leave Earth, for sure.

As far as I see, from my view,
you’ll ‘rock-the-show‘ in Hel.
Earth should mourn; it’s true.
But, where you’d go, I’d do well.

Leave this reality when you must,
if it no longer feels light as it was.
A world where heroes are buried by dust
isn’t as half good as Hel’s applause.

Inspire me to live, one more time,
and give me a hug before we leave.
You needn’t apologize for any crime
but know that what you said, I believe.

I ask you not to stay; I’ll join you anyway.
The world needs our healing, yet another day.

~Pramodh Iyer, a Poet at Ω The Equilibrium Of Life Ω

(A ballad, dedicated to one and post prompted by one; grateful for both!)

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