The Mystic’s Muse

I wish I could draw a tarot card
which means something to you.
Perhaps, I’d be just the bard
whose songs always come true.
But, I have no such card today.
You my dear are just far away.

I wish I could hypnotize myself
to make believe we were together.
Adventures with each dwarf and elf
would write us in history forever.
I’m just another poet who but dreams.
You’re with another guy, or so it seems.


I wish I was psychic to let entities know
that I have room for none but one.
I leave a library of you, where I go,
full of poetry and days under the sun.

I’m just another guy who makes you smile.
By the time you notice, I’d be gone a while.

~Pramodh Iyer, a Poet at Ω The Equilibrium Of Life Ω

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