Floating Words

This world is made of poems waiting to be written

words floating around, waiting to be strung together in eloquent verse

that will make Atlas tremble with emotion, make entire worlds quake to their rhythm


There is poetry in the tears that you cry today

and the smiles that you will smile tomorrow

in the remembrance of the past and the excitement for the future

there is poetry in the act of falling in love, so damning yet so beautiful

in the rage that burns white hot, melting all your inhibitions

in the childish glee of innocence, so pure in its melody

there is poetry in the experiences that add a rose tint to your glasses

in the wisdom that comes with the wrinkles on your face


There is poetry in the sunrises and sunsets

setting the world on fire since time immemorial

there is poetry in the storms, when the world is bereft of colours

and in the rainbows, when the skies split into vibrant technicolor

there is poetry in the stars, the idea of a great beyond

the light and the dark, the shadows and what is not

weaving around each other in patterns beyond our thoughts


So take out your choice of ink

And keep your eyes open for floating words

You’ve got poetry in your veins

Let it bleed onto the pages.


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