Frenemies and frengers

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Friends are the ones-

Who betray:


Friends are the ones;

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Who go away-

When they’re needed the most;


Friends are the ones

Who don’t know what’s friendship;


‘Friends’ aren’t friends:

I wonder who are,

Frenemies and frengers.

I wonder what do-

Frenemies and frengers do…

One thought on “Frenemies and frengers”

  1. Very intriguing poem, Debashree! 💫

    Frenemies are loyal and dedicated enemies who you can always count on for a fight. And Frengers are the strangers you’re yet to get to know.

    But then again, Friends aren’t as many as we count, while werwe counting buddies. More often than not, we don’t hangout with our friends and we can only make peace with our enemies.

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