I fall in love

like my heart is a motel room

lover after lover takes up residence

and then leaves me with shattering pieces


I fall in love

for all the wrong reasons

because they are mean to me

I love that they don’t give a damn

because they are kind to me

I love that they care at all

I like the ones who don’t like me at all

and I like the ones who like me too much


I like mean boys, the dangerous ones

who don’t give me a second thought

they don’t care about my feelings

but god they make me feel alive

they’re adventure and risk

and all that this universe has to offer

and I’m a sucker for the great unknown


I like kind boys, the vanilla ones

I eat up their shreds of concern

like a hungry dog gobbles food

blue eyes blonde hair

I need a little good after all the bad

they heal me after the mean ones destroy me

I tell them everything

spill all my secrets out of open wounds

but eventually it gets boring

you can have only so much vanilla

before you want a taste of the devil’s chocolate

my plastered heart is ready for another round



I go back to the mean ones

on their motorbikes

with their black leather jackets

stopping by my motel

with charm and good looks

as their only payment for the night

at first it’s a schoolgirl’s crush

until it just gets worse


I don’t seem to know what’s good for me

or rather who’s good for me

I’ll never find a mean one who cares enough and

I’ll never find a kind one who’s dangerous enough


I’ll just be left with

my boys and my memories

ghosts at my lonely altar

no one to really call my own.


Originally posted on The Sehrish Thing

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