Trojan Horse

I walked into this world

painted in gold,

saturated with diamonds,

adorned with rubies

I walked into this world

as a trophy.

as a prize,

a gift from the defeated to the victorious

I was a symbol that said

“You have won, we lost

And now you can have her

please have mercy on the rest of us”


So they took me in and danced around me

bonfires were lit and drums thundered

I was ravaged and torn open

Gold dripped from my eyes

and melting rubies seeped

from the annex of my thighs

they all had their fill of me

sated, they fell asleep

their thirst quenched by my cries


I was left to slowly die in the embers of a fire

from a celebration of a victory that ruined my life

and though my countrymen had given up

I rubbed the ash from wood that had long burned

under my eyes in a symbol of defiance

and as my lifeblood drained out of me

and my soul fuel burned out

I picked up a dagger

in a final act of rebellion


How careless they had been

they never thought I would wield their weapons

the same weapons they had used on me

to carve their names into my heated flesh

But I did

and then I unleashed my wild

until there was not a breathing body left

until there was a river of blood flowing out from the hearts I had pierced

the ones that had taken from me what was not theirs to take


And then I stumbled back to my own world

to the people who had given me up to protect their own lives

and I told them of my victory

I had become an accidental Trojan Horse

but now they said

“We knew you would survive”

“We knew you would come back”

yet when they had dolled me up

they …

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