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Every time I hear a song

A song which tells about a love story

I look around to look at you

The way you used to be

My love of life, but

Then I turn sad

I can’t see you as you are not here

I remember the times when we were together

And the promises we made

Alas! You went far far away

Never to come into my life again…

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What if I read to you a story,

starting: Once upon a time,

and you realised that it was your life,

spelt out on every line,

would you hear my voice with wonder,

as it brushed across each word,

and pray my arms had strength to hold,

the truth about your world,

would your view on life be different,

and would it shock you most to find,

that the things you thought most defined you,

could be summed up in just two lines,

and all the ones you took for granted,

the ins and outs of everyday,

play a bigger part in who you are,

than you’d ever dare to say,

would you wonder at the pages left,

and all the places that they’ll lead,

then vow to make each moment,

one that you’d be proud to read,

because there is a story of your life,

but it’s you that holds the pen,

and I hope you feel the pages right,

before you reach the end.


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