Permission to change

We have a world of different cultures, different religions.

Different practices, different languages spread across different regions.

Different colours, different races and so very different traditions.

Different expectations, different aims, different goals and different ambitions.


However, in all these differences, we can see some common threads weaving through.

The way people treat themselves,  what they think should be their just due.

The high standards that they set for themselves as someone they should look up to.

Don’t stand up for their rights or for what they deserve – they just simply make do.


This seems especially true of women though there are a few men out there as well.

Who seem to think that they are less privileged, hiding their worth beneath a shell.

They beat themselves up for nothing, show no grace towards themselves.

Do not protest when others walk all over them, beat them up, shout, scream or yell.


I am sure you all must have met such people, they transcend all boundaries.

Maybe you would find one if you look in the mirror, this group goes beyond countries.

Sometimes they recognise that they have this issue, this tendency to show deficiency.

Don’t know what to do, want to change but don’t know how – things are so hazy.


There is this one way out that we can adopt – treat ourselves as we treat others.

Treat ourselves with the grace and forgiveness that on others we shower.

Think and accept that we are as valuable as anyone else, we are one of the wonders.

Start the process right away as we are not going to get any younger.


This is not to say that we degrade the standards that we have set for us.

Just that we permit ourselves to accept ourselves if we fail or miss the bus.

Give ourselves credit for trying, so we can devise a new plan to get out of the rut.

Underscore the minuses a little bit and focus a lot on even the small plus.


Note :  I would love to hear your opinions on this piece or the others that I upload regularly here.



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