True Love

Red Roses 001

When you find true love,

you find a love for all time.

there is nothing that compares,

to the feeling knowing,

that you come home –

to love day and night.

True love makes your heart sing,

it has all the bells ringing,

there is nothing like the joy,

of knowing that you have your one and only.

For now and for all time,

day and night,

there is one smile and one tender touch –

there is nothing else that means so much.

True love makes the difference,

between nights that are filled with joy

and those when you feel lonely.

To find true love,

is to have your heart grow wings

and take flight to the moon and beyond.

When your thoughts,

are only for one love

and your love lasts forever,

there is nothing like finding,

your own true love.

Nothing like making your dreams,

all come true,

knowing that your search is over

and your heart is safe,

with a true love –

your home at long last.

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