I Knew…

I knew,

You were the one

From your faint smile.

I knew,

From the very tiny crack

On the left side of your spectacle frame;

Which no one else could see but me-

It’s you.

The awkward ‘step-cut’ hairstyle:

From the back,

I knew,

It’s you.

Your manly voice that startles me every time you speak

I can say, even without looking up from my Chemistry notebook

It’s you.

I knew,

9th standard Arithmetic won’t get into my head,

So instead: I chose to stare at you;

Like I stare at the full Moon-full of craters, yet so calm, so bright, against the dark sky.

And guess what? I got an A!

I knew,

I had the best intuitions;

My girlfriends commented-“Even Holmes would fail”.

I knew,

Every time my heart skipped a beat,

It was because you were coming towards me, with your History book, to clarify a doubt:

Yeah, I knew

My childhood game of instincts fared well.

~Debashree Das~Dreams

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