Every Heart Has a Heart


Every heart has a heart,
the wicked man, to himself, most kind
the lowly man, to himself, most high
the murderer, to himself, hilt
the lonely man is not alone
above his head is surveillance star
the armed robber, to himself, vault
leave the sad man alone, happy
is the man who has found his heart, happier
is a man who has found the heart in his heart
the mad man, to himself, most sane
the dullard, to himself, most bright
the poor man who has found the heart
in his heart, most rich
every heart has a heart
don’t look at the clouds for your heart
or at still waters for a caricature
the world hates you, but do you yourself
look for love at central park
leave the recipe at home and go
if her heart is short, short your heart
the short man to himself, most tall
if she kisses with her mouth open, open your mouth
the parrot, to herself, most quiet
if her favourite flower is wild, wild your flower
wildfower to itself, most rosy
if she was born in march, march you’re born
march to itself, most moist
if she loves cats, cat’s your love
Cat to itself most petty.

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