Some things seem broken today , internally and externally

Cause were the swords of words which were produced verbally.

They pierced the heart and emptied the mind ,

Spread the sorrow leaving happiness behind.

Affected the relations and paralysed them,

Arrogance of one was the main stem.

People don’t think before they speak,

Chances of re-bonding are very sleek.

Relations can be saved if both understand ,

If one is fool , then other takes stand.

Wise try hard to spread positive vibes,

Fools are responsible for relation’s demise, for relation’s demise…..


Meeting her was  a dream come true ,

Thought of her always as I grew.

I hold her hand which was soft and warm,

Looked at her stunned with her beauty and charm.

Like a “Landishi ” , she blossomed in my heart ,

She was well dressed with white top and green skirt.

Walking with her felt like roaming on a beach ,

When every pleasant wind stroke touches your cheek.

Dimples in her cheeks were blessings above all ,

Such was my “FIRST LOVE ” which forced me to fall , which forced me to fall…….

NOTE :- ( Landishi is a beautiful white Lilly & Fall means falling in love .. 🙂  )


Diary of a Loved


I am a master of hearts
I know how to rise
when i fall in love
it’s the art of fall

I am a careful lover
I make her
lose her mind in mine
& I am her spine

I am a soft loved like
a wool.
don’t submit your soul
I’m a fool.

when you say ‘I
love you’, dont
expect a too. I
don’t deserve you

I can’t be an accomplice
a broken heart makes
the gods
cringe from syringe