Into The Dark – Part 1

It’s coming.

That’s all I thought,

Racing through the night.

It’s coming.

A simple sentence,

That meant so much more.

Who’s coming?

That’s the question anyone would ask,

If they could read my thoughts.

I tried so hard,

To stay in the glare of the streetlights,

Racing from  one to the other,

Trying to reach my destination,

Where she could help me.

A growl erupted from behind,

Too close for comfort.

I just need to reach the next light.

I have to get there.

Pushing my wary legs,

To keep moving,

Keeping running,

You have to make it.


It felt like bugs were crawling up my spine,




Yanked me back,

By my shirt.

Dragging me away from my savior.

The gentle gaze,

Of the light,

Glowing up ahead.

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