Road of Thought!


Once on the side of road

Mixed voices like a roar

Hitting my ears

Echoing continuously

Uttering a monotonous sound

Like screaming of a

Restless cloud

That cloud was about to bring

Drops of gleeful spring

They were about to release

From the cage of gloomy womb

But in the middle of the way

They were hit my doubtful rays

That stopped them in their way

And they break their journey halfway

They deceived spring

They detached with other fellow beings

Because of this twisted turn

There was a flare roar

Not on the road

But inside me in the inner soul

That was screeching inside

Pronouncing vehemently

You have to accomplish

What you determined

Discard every thought

Of any compromise

You have to achieve your pie!

With Love!

Firdous Zahra

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