Who Told Dreams Need Eyes!

Aligarh, IG Hall, I woke up late in the morning bit unusual from the required routine life but I wish it could be repeated every day, finished my breakfast and stepped down in the lawn of the hall to do an eccentric exercise of ‘self-drilling’ just to know what type of person I was, what I am now and what I may become in near future. I usually prefer to sit in the corner of the lawn and often love to wander in my imaginary world meanwhile I met a girl fortuitously before I could understand her and get up properly she held my hand and asked me to accompany her to the gym area.
 I didn’t understand why she is asking me as she was looking perfectly fine she could go by herself but with all these sudden cooked up thoughts I went with her as her innocent gesture compelled me to do that. With some chit-chat we reached to her desired place and still I was unaware of the whole thing, she wanted to weigh herself as she is gaining weight because of continuous medicine intakes. I asked about the problem and what she answered shook me on whole. She told, she was in coma for 1 month and while struggling between life and death she lost her eyesight but luckily survived. During our conversation she was doing eye contact and I couldn’t get a single clue that she cannot see anything. Her smiling face and lively voice forced me to think, do dreams really need eyes?
This poetry is dedicated to that girl and all those people who inspire us in our everyday life…
“When I saw you 
  I found you same as I am,
 After listening you
 Soon, I realized your pain,
 Alas!  You lost your eyesight
 But girl, you are illuminated with
 Angelic eyes,
 A face filled with innocent smiles,
 Words that scatters 
 Enormous Beam of light,
 You made me realize
 That dreams don’t need eyes,
 It’s your will and desire
 That keeps you excite,
 In achieving your goal
 In deciding your role
 In ultimately making you a better soul,
 The brilliant spark within you
 The blazing glow within you
 Is far luminous than our eyes,
 Today the brightness of your blissful eyes
 Questioned me who told dreams need visioned eyes!
With Respect & Love 🙂
Firdous Zahra
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