I watched her…

I watched her,
She cried painfully,
She pressed her hand on her chest in pain,
Tears rolled down her face as she looked at her daughter,
Only three years old the father had mysteriously disappeared.

I watched her approach the cathedral,
She kneeled awefuly at the altar,
With one hand on her cheek,
And another holding her daughter,
I could see her lips in motion,
She talked to her creator.

I watched her leave the cathedral,
Slowly she away with some hope from the Father,
That all is well,she spoke to herself,
Was going to wait on God,
Who answers in His own season.

I watched her work tirelessly,
And God blessed her hands,
And her enemies were mocked,
And her daughter grew up,
And her troubles were no more.

Then I watched her begin smiling,
She was happy and jovial,
She had a story to tell others,
A glaring testimony to witness,
That God can turn tables,
To bring joy where mourning is.

2 thoughts on “I watched her…”

  1. The ache she feels when she presses her hand against her chest is so vivid. And then the use of hands again as the future changes is also nice. And ultimately, God’s redemption! Touching piece.

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