Love Yourself


Some people think that it is selfishness to put yourself ahead of others…few are even quick to label it as narcissism. But, THINK. Can an empty pitcher fill any glass? Love, in order to be understood, must be felt and experienced. If we cannot learn to love and accept our own person, then how can we ever learn to love and accept another soul? And how can we not love our own self when it is the same one who stands by us through thick and thin, up and down in this merry-go-round called life?

In any airplane if you happen to be in one, passengers are instructed how to correctly use the emergency oxygen mask in case of change in the cabin altitude. Specifically, we are told to attend to ourselves first before attending to our child, if we have one with us during the travel. That is for the purpose of ensuring that your own wit is functioning properly before you try to save another life. You save yourself. Your save your kid’s. That is the logic of it.

Same logic applies to self-love. Need I say more? Of course, I should say more. Because whenever anyone asks that question, you expect that person to stop right there. Well, I love disappointing people and doing the exact opposite thing. Self-love is not about selfishness…it is about accepting ourselves wholly – good and bad included. Perfection and imperfection. Strengths and weaknesses. Accepted. Without question. Without judgment. Oh, but do not ever use that to act like a careless, inconsiderate jerk. You do know what I meant so save your smart-ass argument. However, if you are seriously looking for discussion, share your thoughts in the comment section below. I will be happy to answer.

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Light and love…