Though  far you are..

I remember  the last day of our meeting, 

That  usual charming  smile at me when I saw you off, 

Those sweet poetic words your  spoke deeply to me, 

Though  far your are from me  now angel, 

I am there with  you feel lonely not. 

I remember  your  usual  promise, 

To keep and uphold  what is your  best, 

That will give you  absolute  joy in life , 

That will wipe out tears from your eyes, 

That will remove  stubborn  wrinkles  from your young face,

Then I  say from mine heart, 

Though far from me you are now angel,  

Am there  with you feel lonely not. 

Your unending   love grows me young, 

Your dreams  comfort  me more than a babe, 

Your commitment to me  charms to say

Ah!  You stand alone among millions, 

I love you my gentle  one,

Though  far you are from me now,  

Feel lonely not am there  with you. 

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