The Lover of Goodbyes

I first posted THE LOVER OF GOODBYES in Virily and if you are interested to know the rest of the story of how she came to be such, click this link:


Too, for similar works and stories, do visit my website I dabbled in many topics except mathematics, make-up, fitness and cooking. Those stuff are way out of my league and my gray cells turn them all into algebraic expressions. You know spaghetti, right? Well, my brain is reduced to that if I ever get near these subject matters.

Thanks for your support everyone. And to Kaz who liked my poem, “Close Your Eyes”, please know that I tried to look up for your WordPress blog but got nothing in the search. I would love if you can kindly drop a link in the comment section instead.

Gratitude to AATIF and the POETRY PASSION community.


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