DREAM is a poem I wrote expressing my frustration about the kind of government and leaders we have in my country. I have strong political views but, generally, I veer away from writing my opinions. I observed that most people are incapable of maintaining neutrality and objectivity. They attached ideals and hopes to personalities. Therefore, anyone who dares to publicly share an opinion would be labelled as either “pro-government” or “anti-government”. I am not afraid of criticism and backlash. However, trying to explain one’s self to myopic minds is not just my cup of tea. I find solace in writing my thoughts and hence, DREAM came to life.

It embodied my earnest wish for my nation…my desire to see leaders whose primary interest is the welfare of the people; leaders who have clear vision of where they are taking this country to and what they want this country to be; leaders with strong political will as well as wisdom and integrity. Leaders who deserve to be called LEADERS in the truest sense…not someone else’s puppet…not just a public face and a public microphone of unseen force.

Dream it is called…and dream it shall remain. For, in reality, corruption and greed for power are the names of the game. That is the rule rather than the exception in many countries in the world.

Well, anyway, I hope that you will still enjoy it despite the fact that it is different from my usual. What can I say? I am a curious soul who dabbles in anything and everything that interests me. Sooooo, if you are interested to know what other subject matters I like to talk about, do visit my site at https://harpingbyapixiecom.wordpress.com/.

Thank you everyone for reading. Be happy. Be light at heart. Life is a gift. It may not be sunny every single day but, just the same, choose to smile. Be EnLightened. I need not tell you that you use a lot more muscles frowning than smiling. Really, that is a lot cheaper and easier than botox injection. Lol! Ciao!

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  1. your concerns about the current situation in the country sized up poetically in DREAM are well weaved and real ones.
    The people in general have become very selfish and God has tough job to mend the same
    kindly visit my blogs/poems leave a comment.

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