Dancing in the Wind

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Dancing in the Wind

Love dancing in the wind,

the harder the wind blows,

come Autumn,

the better I like it.

So unlike summer breezes,

I spread my arms

and feel like a bird in flight.

I love to dance in the wind,

to twirl about,

as the wind blows all around me,

looking up at the sky

and the clouds that go by,

one by one –

like sailing ships through the sky.

Colorful leaves go dancing by,

creating a colorful carpet,

beneath my feet.

Love dancing in the wind,

refreshed with rosy cheeks,

like some puppet on a string,

enjoy having the wind,

pushing me along.

As I twirl and twirl about,

nothing makes me laugh so much,

as dancing in the wind.

That feeling of lightness,

as if I was weightless,

the wind pushes me from behind

and as I turn around,

it pushes me backwards,

in a wild sort of dancing craze –

just the wind and me.


(C) R.Raisters

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