Pricked while adding gems and gold

To your undisputed crown

Effortlessly helplessly lost under 

Canopies of your cruel curses 

And tired from right to left dangles

Bruised by your knuckles  

My heart crushes at your feet

Peeling unnoticed scars watching 

Your shoulders sway away 

Here struggling to knit them up with 

Patches of unnecessary apologies 
Pity my lashes from the burning droplets 

The balcony is thirsty of our warmth 

The sky seeks more watchers 

Its still not well if you no longer see 

Nothing behind my eyes 

You see it well if I’m a red coal 

Swallowed by the grey ashes

Moisten my soul with the fading 

Fascinating memories then 

I will drag my mind from you 
First, just tell me, how? 

How does it feel balancing my heart 

On one hand and a ranging fire

On the other

The smile while slaping them together 

Makes vampires haunt my dreams

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