Your Passion – Poem by Grace Hays

Your Passion

Everytime I am near you I can feel your passionate gaze
I just want to let you do whatever you want
I feel helpless when I am around you

Your kisses are like poison
They knock me senseless
for hours at a time
And your sweet caress
is more than I can bear
It all makes me feel helpless when I am around you

I shouldn’t be wanting you like I do
I can’t help it that you have me under your spell
No matter how hard I try to fight it
I still feel myself falling for you

Every time that I look at you
I can feel the toxins of your passion burning through me
Now your passion is burning in me too

Your passion is like a wild fire
It burns deep within your heart and soul
I can feel it when you look at me
I can feel it when we kiss
Oh how I love to see your passion burning so brightly

by:Grace Hays

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