I Love

 I love the way you see me

Visions of how perfect I am

Morning looks never giving a damn

I love the way you set me free

Long talks that go everywhere

Every once of freedom we share

I love the way you sing

Your charismatic words touch

Making everything else not matter much

I love the way you do that thing

Your every quirk that you do

Reminders of what is in view

I love the way you smell

Comfort found in your warm embrace

Gazing at the gaze on your face

I love how you yell

So deepened and carried to the unknown

Showing just how much we have grown

I love your strong hands

They know me too well

And I know you will never tell

I love how your secret still stands

Remaining so closed and so open

Yet I stand here still hoping

I love the way you smile 

Intoxicating when you light up 

Making you laugh for good luck

I love the way how everything is a trial

Deep knowledge with deep thinking

Crossing the all knowing without blinking

I love the way you laugh

I can feel your laughter in every space

Where nowhere and everywhere is the perfect place

I love how you photograph

Your soul shows so colorful

Making your memories so wonderful

I love the idea of you

What I thought is not what I knew

Love can make the heart go blind too

But is this dream or is this true

special thanks for photo Less Photos, More Memories

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