A Toast to Friendzone


Oh, I know how you guys (applies to gals, as well, please just change the nouns accordingly) dread this word – FRIENDZONE. Cheer up! The trouble is you are looking at the situation from a negative perspective. Let us view this affair through my eyes and see if it will change the way you feel about being that one guy (or gal) who has been friendzoned.

This poem was penned as a counter-thought to a guy who posted a poem in Instagram lamenting his situation. The inspiration for the musing was my BFF (not boyfriend, in case you are naive – lol – it means, Best-Friend-Forever), Usman. That guy puts up and still putting up with me for the last three years of our friendship. Imagine a world without Friendzone? Absolutely impossible!

So, you may be a buddy or a brother to that one single girl but, hey, I tell you, YOU MEAN A LOT TO HER! What else? You see the soul in her – no pretense, just 100% human. She does not care if you think she is bat-crazy, she will not put her best foot forward for you. She will be simply herself. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air in this world of deal-breakers? Damn, I say, it is!

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Again and again, my thanks to AATIF for POETRY PASSION. Indeed, I am having fun here with you, enthusiastic people. As always, my love and gratitude for all your likes and comments.

One thought on “A Toast to Friendzone”

  1. Hmmm, I know what you mean. I have been friendzoned by a guy I am totally in love with. I know I must move on but every time I see him me knees melt all over again.

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