Destiny Calling’ – Poem by Linda Winchell

Destiny Calling

What determines our destiny to be? 
What we become, futures predestined to see.
Where will roads lead untill it all ends? 
Destiny calling, live’s for some predestined to spend.

Why do our lives, create a passion for some? 
And then for others, there seems to be none? 
Struggling to be what is too far from fingers reach, 
Never accomplishing, what it is that you have preached.

Dreams and hopes, they fade in the mist, 
Grasping at life, from the dark depth of an abyss.
Looking back at what could, should, may have been, 
Lacking that door of opportunity for your passion deep within.

Silver spoons for some placed in the mouths of their young, 
Others dying to achieve selling you dreams with forked tongues.
Jokes being played an other’s laughter not heard, 
Destiny fullfilled at the bottom of a bottle at a curb.

by:Linda Winchell

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