The parting

Good bye, farewell, tata or bye.

These must be a few sad words in any language.

They can make any weak hearted or emotional person cry.

Imagine the power of a few words – their advantage.


At most times, this is a temporary parting.

But can still prove extremely traumatic or depressing.

Could be a toddler for the first time to school, departing.

The mother finds the situation more despairing.


It could be good friends saying these words or a pair of lovers.

After they have caught up after a really long break.

Knowing well that even though bonded by the heart forever,

they still feel that tiny. niggling ache.


What about the good-bye of the young adult stepping out?

Moving out of the house due to college or a new job.

That is another hard goodbye, without a doubt.

It is not as if he or she is stepping out to the shop.


It could be the hardest goodbye of all.

When we send some dear one into the vast unknown.

The grief makes you want to roll into a tiny, tight ball.

And your voice changes into a sighing, aching moan.


However, not all goodbyes need to be so sad or morbid.

Have you seen the glee on the kids faces, when the school bell rings?

Or seen the teen getting ready to leave for a a party which you consider horrid?

What about the young adult trying the bungee jumping thing?


Making one tiny, little point before I wind up and leave.

Could we use the better words – Until we meet again.

It is easy to implement and doesn’t cause much grief.

Just a new trick that we can teach our brain.



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