Start Over Not Game Over

Why does life become so hard

Leaving you with memories starred.

I have given up so many times before

But I woke up wanting to have done more.

My recent mistake may take time

to really recover from that steep climb.

I have lost everything dear to me

And yet, I am still able to see.

I can see where I went wrong

yet somehow remaining strong.

I lost my way somewhere

but I found myself in the middle of nowhere.

This can’t be my end

I am my only friend.

This is something I have to do alone

Wishing I knew what I should have known.

But there is hope that I can see

Watching my life decisions branch out like a tree

I will break through what I can not bend

I know exactly how my life will spend.

When life gives you lemons

Stop and find your rhythm

Then instead of lemonade, make sweet tea

then make a memorable treaty

with yourself and with your life

Beginning now this endless night

I will be the best version of me

I will be making my own tea

Even with all those mistakes

I will do whatever it takes.

I won’t let it keep my down

or do anything that makes me frown

It is time I took a stand

And go for the life I had always planned.


dedicated to my grandmother and to my best friend Jenny

Cover Picture compliments of


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