The poem, Adieu, is a story of goodbye…of parting ways…because two people do not see things eye-to-eye. Each one of us always arrives at a crossroad while journeying in life. Every choice has a corresponding set of circumstances…of pains…of lessons. Living is about growing spiritually. No matter how we avoid it, fate will always – without a miss – teach lessons. The trick is to learn how to trust our hearts – trust even if it scares the hell out of us. Soon it will, without fail, lead us to what should be.

Follow thy heart. Embrace life. Embrace love. Be love – it is the only thing that will make us happy. And by that, my dear, I do not mean “fish love” I meant LOVE – The Truth, The Way, The Life…The One And Only GOD.

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Please note: Words like “Master”, “Beloved”, “The One” and “That” as used in the above poem refers to the Divine.

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